Come Find Me at….

January 28th, 2014

Yes, the blogging days here at DailyDanny.com are over.

But you can find me and my updates at:






Programming Note

October 10th, 2013

Things are changing and new content, projects, videos and more will be migrating from here to my main website dannyseo.com in a few weeks.

Stay tuned and stay green!

-Danny Seo

Ideas File

September 3rd, 2013



I have several external hard drives where I keep files and files and files of digital images, manuscripts, contracts and unknown digital files simply marked “INSPIRATION.”

Even though these hard drives are paperless, I decided to rummage through them and delete unnecessary files and images today to prevent what I decided to call digital hoarding.

In one of those inspiration files, I found some rather, well, inspiring ideas.     Like this one where you carve words or images into a woodland mushroom and let it dry naturally….

Beaded Bowls

Or how about naturally dried gourd bowls… with intricate glass beading design glued on the inside?  A surprise burst of color.

Clothes Hanger Horse

A giant metal sculpture that is the real life size of a horse…made from hangers.    Spied at Barney’s New York in Las Vegas…


Real  bark handles on elegant silver plated flatware.  I love the juxtaposition of elegance and natural all together in one piece (I assume these are handwash).



And what about soap…. in the shape of snowflakes?    This could be a very fun DIY project (this image is clearly from a magazine… just not sure which one).

I love these blast from the past ideas.    Let’s see what else I can rummage up in my digital files, shall we?

SheKnows Videos

August 19th, 2013

I filmed a series of tutorial videos for the popular website SheKnows.com I wanted to share a few of my favorites, including this one on the kitchen countertops of the future.

And this find at the Kohler booth: gorgeous American made cast iron sinks designed by no other than designer Jonthan Adler.


Cleaning Up

August 14th, 2013



As you may know, I had these giant homasote boards installed in my office a few years ago.  They have been great!   I love pinning things that are interesting to me so I can see a whole mood board or collection come to life.

Lately, however, I have been on an editing spree: cleaning out closets, donating unused items, letting go of things… and now this.


I am changing one walk-in closet into a merchandising closet to store product samples so I can have cleaner surfaces and space in my home office.     Less is more in my book… so I cleared the mood board off this morning.



And now I can pin up Polaroids from book and catalog shoots to see the visual images come to life, but without the heaviness or clutter.