Fall Ornaments

September 2nd, 2013

photo (3)

Peering at you inside the boxes like a puppy at the animal shelter begging to be adopted and brought home, my new line of handcrafted Fall ornaments just hit stores and I just had to share with you their adorable little faces.

Made from natural materials and available in a set of two, these wild critters are just $7 and are perfect to not only decorate your home for the Fall holidays, but also into Christmas as well.

photo (4)


The red foxes are one of my favorites…. and our recycled hang tag tells you each and every single one of these are handmade by artisans in the Philippines.

photo (2)

Adorable rooster…

photo (5)


I think these are giraffes?   Yes?   Whatever they are they have the most beautiful faces.


What a……. hoot!


Holiday Preview

August 13th, 2013



In yesterday’s post, I wrote about the Wilsonart surfaces we created to use for photo shoots at my home studio.   Today, I thought I’d give a sneak peek from that shoot featuring all of the Danny Seo holiday products coming to stores later this year.

I can’t give a description of what you see… but I hope you do like what you see!








New Drying Rack

August 5th, 2013

photo (1)

As you know, I have an extensive line of home products sold at stores like HomeGoods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx that marry great design, sustainable materials and often offer a problem-solving solution that you can use at home.

Right now, we’re bringing something to market that is a marriage of good traditional design with a function: this wall mounted drying rack.

The lightweight, solid wood rack opens to allow you to drape towels, clothes and anything else you want to air dry with ease.    And since it’s soft, they won’t leave marks on your clothes or towels either.

photo (2)

Here’s the hang tag on bag: made from solid fir wood.   It retails for $49.99 and you can find it mostly at HomeGoods stores right now.


And how it can look in your home!

I’m installing one of these guys into my laundry room right now….  so excited to give it a try!


Gardening Tools

May 14th, 2013



This Spring, I am making a huge effort to get the gardens at both of my houses up to par.    For a very long time, I’ve embraced the natural look of the landscape: a hillside full of ferns, wildflowers dotting the yard, moss covered logs in the backyard that also provide habitat for wildlife.

And, guess what: ALL OF THAT STAYS.   Because I am a believer in zero pesticides, zero herbicides and keeping as much natural habitat as possible around the house.

But the front door and immediate areas around the house I can’t really use that excuse.  So I am investigating container gardening.


And what perfect timing:  These are my new Danny Seo gardening tools made with sustainable bamboo handles and super strong stainless.     Good looking (with faux leather ties at the top) and are just $5.99 in stores like TJMaxx right now.



And as you may know, I also have a line of sustainably made outdoor planters including this guy which the magazines have been going nuts for.   So, this is also in my arsenal of supplies to get my front door ready.

What should I plant?    Thinking low maintenance ferns, herbs or succulents might be the way to go given my busy travel schedule (and I really can’t count on others to help water my plants).



Spring Finds

May 9th, 2013



We recently did a shoot of our newest items in my growing line of Danny Seo home products, so I thought I’d share some colorful new picks….   Loving our ceramic red, white and blue colanders.     I just stacked them and threw them on the set to shoot and they looked so cheery like this…



My recycled steel,  bamboo handle steak knives: $9.99 for all four.



Adorable french country linen picture frames…  (HomeGoods is the best place to find these).



Wood and whimsical outdoor planters.   This guy is just $9.99!   The editors have been going nuts for this one.



Splatter guard for the kitchen for when you’re frying or simmering




And a big fat floor basket to use as a hamper, storage or to hold whatever you need handy but want to conceal.