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Happy Holiday (Shopping) Weekend!

June 30th, 2011

Happy (Alm0st) 4th of July Weekend to all of you!

I’ll be in what I think is truly the heart of America: Minneapolis, Minnesota.

While some of my friends will be joining me to see Minneapolis and everything it has to offer, I’ll also be making some visits on ShopNBC all weekend long to talk about my Wholearth Beauty perfume line.    We have a fantastic offer lined up for those who tune in: a 3-piece set of our Wholearth #4, #7 and #10 scents at a special holiday weekend price.

I’ll be on a show called SHOPBEAUTY and those time slots are:


9AM, 2PM and 10PM, July 1st

9AM and 2PM, July 2nd

11AM and 5PM, July 3rd

You can also watch online live at

Happy 4th all!

Volunteering in Costa Rica

June 29th, 2011

At the Four Seasons Costa Rica hotel, they have a wonderful volunteer program called Growing Together that allows guests to go into the local community and pitch in.

This visit, a group of us headed to a local school to help with some much needed restoration of the chain link fence around the property that was rusting and needed a fresh coat of silver paint.       Here I am painting away…. and loving the chance to not only give back but see some local culture and meet local people as well.

I had a moment to peek inside one of the classrooms and thought it was pretty great that they use bright, vibrant colors everywhere to keep the atmosphere cheery and bright.    The airy rooms are without air-conditioning, but even on the warmest and hottest of days, they are pretty cool and breezy.     Imagine learning in a classroom with warm air breezing through each day?    This might be why Costa Rican children are so happy and nice and the literacy rate is a whopping 99%!

My pal Kelly Bensimon from The Real Housewives of NYC also joined me on this trip and here she is painting away.  She brought along her pal Bradley Irion—-a very famous hair stylist—-who then donated his time braiding the young school girls who joined us this Saturday morning as a thank you treat.   They loved it so much….and, of course, it was Kelly’s idea!

One program at the hotel that I thought was pretty fantastic was one where guests are encouraged to bring new backpacks to the property full of school supplies.    These backpacks are then distributed to local schools to kids who can then carry their books, new supplies and whatever else they need in backpacks instead of plastic bags.     So, if that means checking in just a few more bags on the plane, I say do it!

Four Seasons Artwork

June 28th, 2011

I recently got back from a trip to Costa Rica where I stayed at the absolutely, beyond gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel Peninsula Papagayo.    Of course, being the blogger who obsesses over crafts, DIY, Macgyver-meets-Michaels and anything else crafty, it’s starting to make sense why I only have pictures of ceilings, fabrics, artwork, plants and local crafts.   My travel companion has her camera full of shots of the delicious food we ate, the gorgeous villa we stayed in, the lush gardens that surround the hotel…. and me?   A piece of bamboo sticking out of the ceiling.

But I digress.   Today’s post is on the brilliant shadowbox artwork in the Four Seasons lobby featuring—what else?—Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Pieces of dried coral dot the inside of the linen covered shadowbox…. and my guess is that this represents Winter as clusters of snowflakes falling down (although no snow will ever fall in Costa Rica where it’s pretty much 87 degrees all year round).

I’m going to guess this is Summer.   I’m not sure why… but I think bits of shellfish to many of us represent summer BBQ’s or visits to the beach?

Do the little limbs, ligaments, claws and shell inspire you or freak you out a bit?     I love it…because it uses what’s indigenous to the country to make these pretty pieces of art.

Okay, could these dried leaves represent Spring or Fall?

This has to be Fall, right?    Where I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Fall leaves are bright colors that load up the forests with hues of red, gold and orange.

These local feathers surely must be homage to Fall?

Now, if you’re sitting here thinking “well, it must be nice to go visit a luxury resort in Costa Rica and then blog all about it,” stop fretting: you have your chance to WIN a 5 day trip to visit the Four Seasons Costa Rica property.

How?   By visiting and learn how to Green Your Vacation:

Two fabulous eco vacations are up for grabs and lots of other fab prizes like Recyclebank points (which I use to redeem for money saving coupons all the time), Aveeno products and more.     Check it out and maybe you can see these pieces of art in person yourself!


June 27th, 2011

Only I would be sitting at Starbucks… eating a bunch of grapes from a stem… and then look at the aftermath and think “wow, I should do something with this.”

So, here’s a project in development I’d love your thoughts on…

Start with the stem.

(I then painted it white… which is totally unnecessary, so ignore the white paint in the photo above).

Then used some spray adhesive to cover the entire branch that once held grapes.

Then I wanted to cover the whole thing in chunky white/clear glitter…. and realized I didn’t have any because I had just one bottle of this retro-y blue-ish glitter handy.    So, instead of driving to Michaels to buy glitter to try something…I just made do with the blue.       Sprinkled it all over and used a spoon to help reuse the excess by sprinkling it on top in missed areas.

And then you have a glittered branch.

Now, before you comment “I don’t like it verymuchatallMr.Seo,” keep in mind when we’re developing projects it’s not about churning out a “beauty” in the first attempt, but getting the procedure right.

If we take a bunch of these stems, use a nice white glitter, mount up a pile of white/frosted seaglass in a shallow bowl, and display them as a centerpiece for the holidays….. then what do you think?

(PS-It’s hard being back from Costa Rica now…. but more on that trip very soon!)

Finally…a Compost!

June 24th, 2011

It only took me 2 years….but here it is: my backyard compost.

I don’t know why I procrastinated so much.     I guess I just don’t create a lot of organic waste that needs to be composted with no lawn to mow.   Plus, the leaves are raked up and left to decompose in little piles in the woods where they seem to do just fine.

But, I should compost and it only took me a WHOLE 5 minutes to set this thing up.

Anyway, Happy Friday to all.    From Planet Green: 7 Reasons to Compost.

  1. Waste Reduction
    Fewer compostables in the landfills mean less landfill mass. Reducing the amount of stuff in our landfills directly affects all of us. When they try and build new landfills, they may try and build it in your backyard. Which is worse? A bucket of compost or a nearby landfill filled with rats?
  2. Methane Reduction

    Composting reduces the amount of food that ends up in a landfill, therefore, reducing the amount of methane that the foodstuffs will produce. Methane contributes to global warming.

  3. Free Fertilizer

    Why buy something you can make for free?

  4. Better Soil

    Are you trying to keep up with the Joneses and their extravagant lawn? How much money do you think those Joneses pay to have such lush grass? You can have superior soil than those contemptible Joneses without paying a dime by composting

  5. Compost is Better Fertilizer

    Dr. Paul Hepperly has a dozen reasons why compost makes superior fertilizer.

  6. A Healthier Garden

    From HowStuffWorks:

    With careful management, composting provides a convenient way to dispose of plant debris, which, if not composted, can become a breeding ground for everything from mold spores to mice. When you cut plants down at the end of their useful life and add them to the compost heap, they no longer invite garden problems

  7. A Superior Garden

    Composting creates a healthier garden with better soil, and you’ll be using a superior fertilizer. In the end, you’ll be able to grow more and better crops for less money. If you’re going to garden, why not do it right?