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How to Find $500 Really Fast

October 31st, 2011

This October snow storm is so….not welcome.

So, I’m dealing with some technical difficulties (translation: I am blogging from a Wifi connection at Panera Bread which might as well be dial-up speed the way this is going).   Once the 100,000 other Pennsylvania residents get their power back (yours included), I’ll be back and blogging again.  Until then…

Here’s a fun segment I did with Better TV on doing 5 simple green things to find $500 super fast… enjoy!

Friday Post

October 28th, 2011

Happy Friday.    I’m in New York City today at the Stella McCartney flagship store crafting away with kids today for Health Child, Healthy World.   Making some reusable treat bags they can use for Halloween.

But before I head off to NYC, I wanted to share some random things that have been on my mind lately.    One is this Dunkin Donuts recycling bin I spied in Seoul, Korea.    Loved how they have separate areas not only for paper and plastic cups, but one for LIQUIDS, too.   How many Starbucks trash cans have you seen just leaking a mess of leftover coffee over the years?   Here, they found a solution to let people pour their unfinished drinks into a separate bin that I’m sure also gets poured down the drain to get treated as any waste water would.  Brilliant.

My current mood boards in the home office.  These aren’t mood boards for product, exactly… but mood boards for styling my own product line.    We’re shooting our Danny Seo Home products and I pulled some images for our styling team to look at to show how I’d like our towels and bedding to look… always helpful to have visual examples.

To get ready for the shoot, we need multiples of everything and at least one product sample per color…here are all out of cotton bathmats!   This one I can cross off the list.    I found our whole selection at my local TJ Maxx and got the last beautiful green one at HomeGoods.     Yes, even I have to shop for product, too!

We have two wonderful patterns for our Kids program and lots of samples here of the woodland hand towels, washcloths and bath towels.      Just need to figure out how to shoot these to show the playful pattern in full!

Eek…missing all of our color options in bedding.    White and tan won’t cut it!  Need to run out and get the green, cream and blue sheets!

And totally random thought:  What do you think about a mattress in a box?   A real, coil mattress that you can actually wheel home from the store and it expands (slowly) into an actual mattress?  We’re not talking air mattress here, but something that could retail for more than a $1000 in the stores, but you could take it home for under $400?

Just wondering…. hee hee….

Happy Friday all!

OK, I love this photo

October 27th, 2011

The look on the dog’s face is so adorable….

I do believe I found my new publicity shot!

Why Didn’t I Think Of This? MyLowes

October 27th, 2011

There’s a new program that just launched at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores called MyLowes.

Here’s what it is all about from their website:

MyLowe’s is a collection of tools designed to revolutionize, customize and simplify home improvement. It all starts with a new level of convenience found hanging from your keychain: the MyLowe’s card.

Sometimes, the simplest solutions make the biggest difference. When you scan your MyLowe’s card at the register, you can view your in-store purchase history online.

Tired of digging through drawers to find owner’s manuals and warranties? Can’t find the measurements from your last home improvement project? Home Profile is your solution.

Create wish lists and collect inspiring images. Store shopping lists. Add buying guides, how-to articles and to-do lists to help you get the job done. All this in one place: Folders & Lists.

Here’s what I love most:  It will remember the paint colors you use on walls (so you can buy it again if you need to re-paint) and even remember the size of your air filters so you’re not scratching your head in the store when buying new ones.       And Lowe’s employees will have IPHONES in the store that they can scan your card and look up information if need to know when you’re in the store.    Add reminders when you need to replace all types of filters, and you’ve got a free program that is going to save me (and hopefully you!) lots of aggravation and time.

PS-One thing I found at Lowe’s that I think is a huge step in the right direction are their outdoor, all-weather rugs.  This looks just like a regular rug but is completely durable and strong enough to withstand the outdoor elements.    If it stains, just hose it down.

But what I think could work for lots of people is to use these rugs INDOORS, especially if you have kids who spill things or pets who, um, have accidents.   Just drag if outdoors, wash it away with soap and water and it dries pretty quickly.

Eco Jewelry Collection

October 26th, 2011

I’m excited to announce that I’m working on a line of recycled gold jewelry right now.

The entire collection—made 100% from recycled 14K gold and manufactured right here in the United States from start to finish—will be coming out early next year.

The development stage for any of our product lines is always the most exciting and fun for me.

For this line, part of the inspiration comes from pieces that I’ve collected over the years all over the world.   I search and rummage through junk stores, antique shops, estate sales and even go to auction houses to bid on pieces.

I also sketch designs and have journals with ideas and notes.

In one of my junk store searches, I came across these vintage rock spear heads that were fashioned into rings.   They were simply glued onto generic ring bases.  I sorta loved the mix and marriage of a found object made into something wearable.  Although, I think I’d find a better way to adhere it… but inspiration is inspiration.

In coming up with the collection, I’m thinking of doing a series of recycled gold 14K charms.   Is there a charm you are dying to see made?  I’ve come up with more than 100 ideas, but would love to hear any of yours.