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New Year’s Ideas

December 29th, 2011

Well, it’s almost 2012, so I thought I’d share some entertaining ideas perfect for your party.

The above image is from my previous book Simply Green Parties where I took an old terra cotta pot that had broken, sterilized it in boiling water, let it dry and used the shards to stamp out the names of the different cheeses.    You can also do this with river rocks, paint chips, etc… but I tell you one of those alphabet stamp kits from Michaels sure comes in handy here.

Cute cute cute idea: a glass trifle dish is something you may or may not have stashed away in the attic or basement. If not, you can sure find them for next to nothing at thrift stores.     Use glass candle holders inside and regular candles.  It illuminates from the inside and just looks so warm and inviting.   A great centerpiece idea for your table.

And if you need coasters to keep your tables looking their best, why not upcycle some old belts?   Just snip them into strips of leather and use a leather cutter to punch holes along the edge.    Thread with hemp twin and you’ve got really handsome looking coasters perfect for a scotch on the rocks.

Happy New Year all!

Our New Danny Seo Baskets

December 28th, 2011

With the New Year almost upon us (can you believe it?), many of us are going to make a pledge to stay more organized or to get our house into shape.

I wanted to share some new products we just came out with in our Danny Seo Home collection that may help your home get and stay organized and look good, too.

Very proud of these 100% handwoven rattan  baskets that are hitting stores right now.    Above are our rectangular shaped baskets that all nest inside of each other.   Pretty, right?

We also have round baskets with the same stacking style in stores as well.   I think the round ones work great as floor baskets to keep pillows, blankets ,children’s toys, books, magazines and anything else organized, but easily accessible.

Our Danny Seo hangtags on the side let you know that it’s made from Rattan, a fast-growing crop that is similar in growth/sustainability as bamboo.    Don’t you love our recycled paper leaf hang tags?    We use it on all of our eco products: towels, sheets, bath mats, cookware, bakeware and more.   Oh, yes, we are coming out with an amazing line of eco-friendly cookware and bakeware in about a month…but more on that later.

If you want to check out the rattan basket sets, the best place to find them nationwide is in stores like TJ Maxx.    My local TJ Maxx had the best selection and I stocked up on a few for myself (yes, I have to shop for my own things, too)!

Happy 2012!

Programming Message

December 27th, 2011

Clearly.   I’m taking a holiday break.

Hope all is going well in your world.    I’ll post some fun projects this week.

Some exciting news: we are staffing up at Danny Seo Media Ventures.  With the successful launch of our home program and new retail programs launching in 2012 (in addition to new books and TV projects), it was time to bring some talented folks on board.

So, in 2012, this blog will take on a whole new and better feel with exclusive projects, ideas, tips and more created and crafted by our talented staff.  I’ll also be posting my usual personal ramblings as well.


Happiness is….

December 23rd, 2011

organized craft room drawers…..

where every scissors, paint brush, hole punch, adhesive, glitter, glue and anything else you need to upcycle has a home.

Happy Friday all!


Posts will be sporadic, but they will come.

A Weekend Away

December 22nd, 2011

I spent the weekend at my cottage house on the Delaware River and loved how the morning light came through the barren trees and sparkled on the calm waters of the River.

It was truly one of those idyllic days of sipping hot coffee on the screened in front porch and having nothing on the “to do” list but to replace a light bulb.      Tough day!

On the foyer table, I love my collection of “3D” globes where I glued little things all over the globes to bring them to life.

On the fireplace mantel, lots of vintage bottles found at thrift store and the local flea market live.   They get filled with water in the spring to become upcycled bud vases.

The giant fishing rod over the door came with the house.   I think it has been there since the home was built in the 1920s.

Cozy bedroom.  Small, but very warm and cozy.    The walls are covered in padded blue/white ticking fabric (previous homeowner did that, I think).   I took all the bedding to the local laundromat to give it a good wash.    I forget how fun a laundromat can be (yeah, I’m romanticizing laundry…)