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PS-The Nate Berkus Show

May 31st, 2012

I’m on The Nate Berkus Show today sharing easy ways to transform old clothes into beautiful new home accessories.   This is one of my favorite upcycling segments I’ve ever done, so tune in if you can!

Around the House

May 31st, 2012

Happy Thursday.   I’m heading to Hawaii on Saturday for a week and decided today was a good chance to work on some things around the house.    If you’re a homeowner, you know the feeling: there is ALWAYS something in need of repair or work, right?

First up: new samples of our Danny Seo mirrors (made from reclaimed wood) arrived and of course, one is smashed.   The mirror is going to the glass/mirror shop to be repaired today.

Front door now has some easy care plants: succulents, aloe and a great big pine tree from a photo shoot.   I also have some river rocks I stacked (and glued) from a photo shoot that I also placed  by the front door.

I think the pine tree needs to be repotted.   Let me see if I can dig up a cool container for it…

House numbers look worn.  Need to repaint.   Maybe a fun neon color???

Landscapers unearthed a little trail in the front of the house in the bed of ivy….

AND the bamboo grove is thriving and healthy.   TOO healthy.   Need to go in there and cut back some growth.  It’s crazy how a little shoot can come up on Monday and be 6′ tall by Friday.

Unusual Rugs

May 30th, 2012

I’ve been thinking about rugs lately.   Particularly, I’ve been thinking about my own living room and the idea of putting a very large, unusual rug on the floor to make it feel very anchored, cozy and soft to bare feet.

I spied this patchwork rug in a restaurant of all places in NYC recently.    It was in the restaurant Collichio & Sons in the Meatpacking District and I just  loved the patchwork vibe, stitching and natural wear of the rug.     Now, if I opened a restaurant where people were dropping food all day long, I’m not sure a RUG is what I put on the floor, but this idea for my house?   Yes, please.

Here’s the living room right now (actually this is an older pic, but it’s still generally the same layout right now).    One rug is in the sitting area, but I think a much bigger rug or several rugs is needed right now…   What do you think?

At my other house, I had a little fun with the idea of a “bear skin” rug and took a regular Oriental rug (this one was from HomeGoods) and cut out a silhouette of a bear and hot glued rope along the edges so it wouldn’t fray.   Fun, right?

Okay, I’m off to figure this out.  I think I may buy a few vintage Oriental rugs from an auction house, cut them into identical squares and try to stitch them together myself.

Wish me luck!

Vote, Vote, Vote!!!

May 29th, 2012

Good morning!   Now, won’t you please take a quick moment to vote for me at the Lowe’s Designer Challenge to help my space win $50,000 for charity?    I’m competing for the Yum-O Foundation, a wonderful charity that helps children have a better, healthier relationship food so we can help raise a healthier generation.

You can vote here:

I designed an outdoor movie room in my space.   The challenge was to use items you could find at Lowe’s Home Improvement in the most imaginative and creative way possible to redefine what an outdoor space could be.    I chose to make use of outdoor furniture as screening chairs, stretched a painter’s tarp as a movie screen and strung string lights to add a little ambiance to the atmosphere.  Cute, right?

My pal Kelly Bensimon came out to support me and here she is with a new product I’m helping to launch and develop right now called Green Planet Water.    It’s one of the first 100% petroleum-free, BPA-free, commercially compostable bottled waters to come to market.     We developed it as an alternative to sugary drinks and questionable tap water when you travel so you know it’s clean and good for the planet (you can find it at airports and rest stops when you travel!).

Our outdoor table full of movie time snacks.   We used a ceramic garden urn, flipped it around, and inserted our outdoor umbrella in it.

And walls covered in chalkboard paint tell the “story” of movies with each scene sketched out in chalk.

So, please go on vote and help me raise $50,000 for charity!    Thank You!

New Designs

May 25th, 2012

One of the fun parts of having our own product line and wonderful retail partners like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods is that we can experiment with new designs, colors and patterns and see how our customers react.

Our Danny Seo Everyday Fry pans (when we launched them a few months back) were a huge hit and we worked very hard to get them back in stock and into stores.     I’m happy to announce they are now in stores and at a wonderful price of just $9.99 a pan.

At my local TJ Maxx store, I saw our new designs and wanted to know what you think!    Instead of the pattern leaf on the bottom, we kept it simple this time and included illustrations to show these pans are suitable to use on all surfaces: gas, electric, induction, etc.

And our PFOA and PTFE-free non-stick bakeware is also back in store (Marshalls is the best place to find the best selection).     The ceramic coating gives it the non-stick durability, which is the blue color you see on top.   But this new design now features recycled steel, which uses less energy to create new product and doesn’t involve mining deep into the earth to find iron ore.     So, it’s green in design from the coating to the overall product.    This roasting pan by the way is a phenomenal deal at $9.99.    I’ve been doing roasted veggie in it for months now and just love it.

Happy Friday all!