Weird Collections


The Philadelphia Airport has become my airport of choice lately.   And it’s not because of the cheap parking or close proximity to my house, it’s because of the rotating exhibitions throughout the airport.   I’ve blogged about a cool art exhibition that used nothing more than brown tape to make portraits before and now I’m going to share something else: weird collections.

That fluffy fabric “cake” in the pic?   It’s a collection of someone’s dryer lint over the years.    Why do I think there are hundreds of those mounds in their house?


Matchbook colletion.   Ok, that’s a bit more normal.  I’ve always thought about starting one of these and putting them in a large tarnished bowl in the living room.   Problem is, I end up using the matches all the time to light candles.


An owl collection.  Okay, here’s where I start to rant a bit about theme-only collections.  If you only collect owls, aren’t there tens of thousands of possibilities here?   Maybe millions?   Where does it end?   I’m all for the thrill of the hunt, but I’m also for not having my house crowded with more stuff.


Or Smurfs…


Although olive oil cans from around the world is interesting, since the canisters are always so intricately designed.   Maybe I’ll stick with my accidental collection of wine corks I have all over the house.   However did I collect so many?


  1. Anita says:

    I love collecting, but as a recovering packrat, I figured the best way to feed the need is to take digital pictures of the oddball things I like, currently roosters and cool doors–(definately something I can’t take w/ me!) and them make some a collage out of it!

  2. Dawn says:

    I have a collection of wine bottle corks. At the end of each get-together or party, I have a few people sign the cork and then I date it. All of my corks fit in a lovely old glass ice bucket and it is displayed on our wine rack in our kitchen. It’s fun! Plus, I like to look through the corks on occasion and think about our fun gatherings!

    I have seen hot dish pads and picture frames made of corks. I’m sure there are tons of ideas out there to use old wine corks…

  3. frivolitea says:

    Those are weird collections – in that the items collected are all rather mundane. We have a collection of wine corks around our house too and I have yet to figure out what to do with them. Thanks to your other commenters for their ideas.

  4. Fourth Breakfast says:

    Okay, the dryer lint is definitely disturbing. I think I have a collection of smurf figurines somewhere. Would love to give it to someone who already has a carefully curated collection!