Inspiration Trip at Michaels

I think I’m at Michaels Craft stores more than I’m actually at the supermarket or green grocer.   Yes, I shop for crafting supplies more than actual food.

Last weekend, before I headed off to Minneapolis for ShopNBC, I did a last minute visit to my local store to pick up supplies for an October 26th segment I’m doing for NBC’s The Today Show on Upcycling for Halloween.  Tune in if you can! 

I thought it would be fun to take some snapshots of items at Micahels that I love and consider my craft store essentials.

First-up, a clock kit.

You can turn almost anything into a clock with this simple to install and inexpensive clock kit.   Here’s a tutorial from my Country Home magazine days on turning an old book into a clock.

What can I say?    The New York Times made fun of me for loving this glue, but I don’t care what anyone says: E6000 glue rocks!    It’s better than a hot glue gun, it’s better than any Krazy Glue and it just gets the job done.  When you need to glue something and really glue it, nothing beats E6000.

The Halloween aisle is a lot of fun at Michaels and I love these chocolate molds in the shape of skulls. 

While I’m definitely not a chocolatier in the kitchen, this definitely could be a great buy for my upcycling project involving old crayons.   Just melt crayons, swirl them, pour into these molds and out pops scary crayons.  What kid wouldn’t love those?  

Here’s the tutorial for the project.

Porcelaine paint.    The hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on these little bottles of glaze makes me wonder: why isn’t Costco selling this stuff in bulk?    Granted, I’d probably be the only customer interested in gallon size jugs of porcelaine glaze, but still…. I am obsessed with it.

This Halloween, one fun idea is to take old plates and make them into Halloween-inspired silhouette plates. 

The blog Design Mom used the tutorial from my book Simply Green Parties to make a whole wall of scary plates.   Check out her blog on how to make these.  

Very cool!

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  1. Mary says:

    Just went to Michael’s for the first time in a long time. Love your ideas and look forward to trying some of them soon.