HSN Debut Today!

August 21st, 2013



After almost two years of development, design, and tweaking I am very excited to announce that today is the day for the launch of my new signature perfume: Danny Seo Reserve Global.

I will be debuting the perfume on HSN today at 5PM(EST) and 10PM (EST) and then on Thursday, August 22nd at 2AM(EST).

The product has been a labor of love for me to really re-deliver the respect, artistry and possibility of what perfume used to be and not what it has—for the most part—become today.

The reason I wanted to create this new fragrance is because of what I saw in the marketplace: perfumes had become watered down, cheapened and over-hyped.    Every week it seemed a new reality star or celebrity would attach their name to a signature fragrance; an advertising campaign with naked models looking seductively into the camera; or bottles of perfume encrusted with rhinestones with layers and layers of wasteful packaging.     I knew this wasn’t true fragrance and I also know there would be a customer out there who would want to appreciate what beautiful fragrance could be.


My two partners that I’ve worked on this debut scent are Tru Fragrance and Firmenich.     The above photo is the chemist Lavoslav Ruzicka  who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1939 for his work in chemistry.   He was a scientist at Firmenich—which is the world’s premiere fragrance house—for creating the world’s first synthetic musk scent.    Because of his work, an endangered deer who was hunted for their musk glands was saved and the Nobel Committee recognized this remarkable achievement with their prestigious award. 

And my partners at Tru Fragrance were instrumental in connecting the dots for me with Firmenich and in designing the gorgeous packaging (it’s an X-ray image of the Rose de Mai which is another note in our scent) along with the gemstone color matched bottles (the deep color also blocks UV light to protect the product).



In my home office is this contraption called a headspace machine.   This is another remarkable scientific breakthrough we are using in this launch perfume.     At Firmenich, they perfected a technology called NaturePrint.    Just like as human beings we all have individualistic fingerprints, in nature, flowers also have their own “prints.”      This machine allows us to go directly to vibrant flowers all over the world and “breathe” how they smell onto microscopic pads.    These pads then are used to create a NaturePrint match to the scent so not only does it smell like the flower, but it smells identical to how it is in nature: alive, in its natural environment, at the perfect time of day.

This is why I also refer to my scent as the first “living perfume” because the floral notes are all captured this way: when they are alive.    You may not like perfume that has notes of rose because it is artificial smelling, but if you love the way a rose smells in a vibrant garden on a warm sunny day, this technology allows us to replicate that.

I hope you’ll tune into my shows to learn more!  I also have a few surprises up my sleeve…..

Can’t believe this day is here!

Danny Seo Beauty Launch Video

July 18th, 2013

Here’s a new sneak peek video about my new beauty line launching in late August…. Enjoy!



Danny Seo Reserve Beauty

July 8th, 2013

I’ve been working on a new project for the past 2 years and I’m happy to introduce it here at Daily Danny. Please welcome my new fragrance and beauty line: Danny Seo Reserve.

This video is the first of several introduction videos that share the innovative technology, science and hand-collected we used to create our first product: Danny Seo Global, a perfume that celebrates all that is beautiful about the world around us.

It will be launching on HSN on August 21st and I’ll be posting more videos and posts here at Daily Danny leading up to launch.

Very excited. Please watch and enjoy. Would love to hear any questions or comments from you, too.

Vetiver Grass

June 10th, 2013


I’ve been working hard on the launch of new fragrance “Danny Seo Reserve” launching this Fall on HSN and on    One of the hero ingredients we use in the scent is natural oil from the vetiver grass plant.   It’s earthy, beautiful and adds a luxurious note to the scent.    I’m proud to say the grass is grown in Haiti and employs local citizens as a very viable business.  Instead of a hand-out to help the people of earthquake ravaged Haiti, we are creating jobs that produce a truly luxurious and sustainable product.

The other day, I ordered some raw vetiver roots to have on hand at home and the box arrived!



The oil and scent comes from the roots of the vetiver plant, not the actual blades of grass.    As you can see, the roots are long and strong.    When I opened this box, the fragrance was so deliciously overwhelming!



Right now, the whole raw vetiver root bundle is nicely packaged in a glass apothecary jar in my office.   Perhaps I’ll bring it down with me to HSN when we debut so I can show and tell how it works when we launch our scent.

I’ll share more on the perfume, its notes and how it smells and looks very soon here at Daily Danny!


June 5th, 2013



This Fall, I am planning a trip to Western Australia to capture floral notes and ingredients for my new  beauty line.  The line is called Danny Seo Reserve and I am working to bring new science, technology and sustainability to a whole line of fragrances and skin care products that are good for you, the planet and help innovate change in the industry in a very progressive way.

This image of a wildflower field in Western Australia was sent to me recently as one of the locations we’ll be visiting.   I’ll have a film crew and photographer with me as well capturing my adventures which I hope to share with all of you here at Daily Danny.

But in a word: breathtaking.

I can not believe this is part of my job to visit locations like this and feel so blessed to have this chance….  don’t you just wan to go there and breathe it all in?