Vintage Banana Republic

March 4th, 2013



Going through my wall of file organizers, I came across a section labeled “Banana Republic” and remembered: my stash of 1980′s vintage Banana Republic catalog.

For you younger readers, Banana Republic started off as a catalog business that featured clothing and accessories inspired by global journeys around the world.   This included Egyptian Cotton twill travelers sport coats, Amazon rainforest duffel bags and sweatshirts and sweatpants made in Italy that produced the same workout gear for Italian athletes.    Oh, how I miss this authentic and quirky side of Banana Republic…


Now, I didn’t say the looks were timeless…  but it is fun to peek inside.



I would totally wear this jacket.   Kinda reminds me of the old J. Peterman days, right?



The catalog even just tells stories, like a book….



I totally worse these shirts and would today….

And who else remembers the Jeep car smashing through the front window of the original Banana Republic stores?

Recycled Workout Gear

February 12th, 2013



Over the weekend, I went shopping for some new workout clothes and my eco-Spidey senses gravitated towards this sign in the Sports Authority store: Play Green!

It’s a line called Champion Eco Fleece and it is made from plastic water/soda bottles that helps keep up to 5 million bottles out of the landfill.     I like where this is going very much.



Labeled on the inside with the green “eco” label….



And a sticker on these gray eco-fleece pants also let you know they are made from plastic water bottles and are “Future Friendly.”     I also like the fact they are using a food-grade nylon to make their fleece which also means the quality isn’t compromised in anyway and is actually better than virgin polyester.      So, going green means better quality.  Plus, the prices can’t be beat.



A whole assortment of choices made from the Eco Fleece…  I picked up a few to stay warm during these chilly winter months to layer when going to the gym or working out outdoors.

Just love seeing green options in mainstream stores or wherever I happen to be shopping.    This is exactly how environmentally-friendly goods should be marketed.


Stella McCartney Presentation

January 16th, 2012

Last week, I was invited to attend a pre-fall 2012 presentation from Stella McCartney in New York City.   In her usual non-fashion show fashion show, Stella hosted a cocktail party where guests mingled with models wearing her gorgeous sustainable duds.   This lovely topiary display spelling out STELLA greeted guests at the party.   So clever…

Models were scattered throughout (not hard to spot super tall, thin, well dressed folks!) where they were playing games, pool, reading art books, and just basically mingling with guests…. Here’s a shot from the event looking down from the staircase.  Love the chandeliers, too!

A live band added some flair and music to the venue.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come this Fall…

Accessories… all non-leather, of course.

Striking a pose…love the faux shearling top on this model.  Oh, Stella: if only you made men’s, too….

Find: New Balance Wellness Sneaker

December 2nd, 2011

I go through running sneakers every few months.  The reality is I wear out the shoes from running on the track or treadmill at the gym that it sorta becomes a necessity to replace them to protect my feet.   The good news is that old sneakers are recyclable and I recycle them through Nike’s Reuse a Shoe project that shreds the shoes and makes new playing surfaces out of the ground up materials.

Now onto better news:  I found these New Balance Wellness sneakers when I was searching for a good-looking pair and realized only after I clicked on the sneaker they were eco-friendly, too!   Love the fact I was attracted to the style first.


Upper material is 95% recycled PET (Every pair of newSKY incorporates an average of 8 PET plastic bottles into the upper materials)

Can’t wait to try them on and go for a run.   Judging from the sold out sizes, I’m guessing this is a popular choice.    So glad to see that.   Hmm…maybe I should order two just in case…

(PS-I am not a paid spokesperson for or New Balance.  I seriously really do like these shoes.)

UPDATE:  Just received them and LOVE these shoes.   As a runner, they are super super light and comfortable.    Can’t recommend them enough!

Eco Jewelry Collection

October 26th, 2011

I’m excited to announce that I’m working on a line of recycled gold jewelry right now.

The entire collection—made 100% from recycled 14K gold and manufactured right here in the United States from start to finish—will be coming out early next year.

The development stage for any of our product lines is always the most exciting and fun for me.

For this line, part of the inspiration comes from pieces that I’ve collected over the years all over the world.   I search and rummage through junk stores, antique shops, estate sales and even go to auction houses to bid on pieces.

I also sketch designs and have journals with ideas and notes.

In one of my junk store searches, I came across these vintage rock spear heads that were fashioned into rings.   They were simply glued onto generic ring bases.  I sorta loved the mix and marriage of a found object made into something wearable.  Although, I think I’d find a better way to adhere it… but inspiration is inspiration.

In coming up with the collection, I’m thinking of doing a series of recycled gold 14K charms.   Is there a charm you are dying to see made?  I’ve come up with more than 100 ideas, but would love to hear any of yours.