Flippy or Falling?

July 2nd, 2012

We’re playing with our Danny Seo leaf logo and our designer had a little fun. Help us choose the animated version you like best we plan to use as an opener in our new video series. First up is a Falling version….

Second is a flippy one.

What do you like best?

We’re off for the Fourth of July holiday…. but tune in to HSN on Tuesday July 3rd to catch me with the latest and greatest from Boscia Skin Care.

I’ll be on at 1AM, 7AM, 11AM and 10PM. You can also watch online at hsn.com.

Far Far Away….

July 6th, 2009


Hello everyone!

I’m away in Costa Rica at the moment, so there won’t be a post today.  I know!  It’s the first time in two years I haven’t posted (well, technically, I guess this is a post…since I’m posting about not posting), so there goes my perfect attendance record.

But I’ve gotten lots of great ideas from this gorgeous country and I’ll start sharing them this week.   

And as a reminder: If you haven’t been to SimplyGreen.com yet, check it out.  We still have lots of eco posts coming up including many, many prizes and contests. 

Hope your 4th of July holiday was swell and I’ll be back tomorrow!

Best Reusable Bags

February 28th, 2009

I did a little segment on the best reusable bags and how going green can sometimes make you a little “green” too! Check out the new Simply Green line of reusable tote bags at JCPenney stores now. They are just $1.99 each and are super sturdy with a reinforced bottom. Four different styles to choose from with the proceeds going to the JCpenney After School Fund. All good stuff!

Enjoy the video!

My new Studio Hybrid

October 21st, 2008

Studio Hybrid 

I recently purchased a new computer for the craft room that will serve a few purposes.  One, whenever I'm working on more graphics-heavy presentations, I think it'll be easier to work on a larger format computer.   And for all my out-of-town guests, now they have a place to check their email at their leisure.

Doing a little bit of research, I found this new computer system from Dell called the Studio Hybrid.   I loved how compact it was and (from some of the reviews I read online) how whisper quiet it was.  Here's some info right off Dell's website:

Size and materials
Our smallest design is about 80% smaller than standard desktops, and it contains about 75% less printed documentation by weight when compared to typical tower desktops.

Power usage
Uses about 70% less power than a typical desktop, and meets Energy Star®  4.0 standards with an 87% efficient power supply.

Studio Hybrid packaging is made from 95% recyclable materials. And the Studio Hybrid comes with a system-recycling kit, so you can help preserve and protect the environment

It also comes with the option of having the desktop hard drive wrapped in real bamboo instead of plastic.  I was going to go for it until A: it would take an extra week to manufacture and B: it would cost about $100 more.    I, like anyone else, am watching every dollar that goes out of my pocket.   I figured this system was pretty green enough that the bamboo aspect wasn't that important.

Studio Hybrid 3 

Some of the recycled paper information sheets that came with the system.   I loved the minimal amount of packaging that came with the system.

Studio Hybrid 4 

And here's something interesting that came with the system: a pre-paid mailing slip to send back your old computer for free recycling.   Too bad I didn't have an old desktop to recycle.   I am thinking of giving away this information so someone else can at least recycle their old PC.

(PS-I'm not a paid spokesperson for Dell nor did they give me the system or a discount.  I paid for it fully just like anyone else.  I'll report on how well it perfrorms a few weeks from now).

Eco Technology

October 20th, 2008


The other day, I went to get my annual eye examination and was looking at a promotional video for lasik surgery that was playing in the waiting room.   That had me thinking about all the innovations in technology that not only has made our lives easier, but are also greener by default.  So, I sat there and made a little list.

1.  LASIK:  Clearly (ha, no pun intended), if you wear contacts, you can understand how lasik surgery can be a real green solution.   As in contact solution.    Imagine how much plastic packaging you can save from not having to buy saline solution or contact cases or (if you're like me) those one-a-day contact packages.   Correct vision now and never throw anything away again.

2. IPOD:  Remember buying stacks of CDs and having to deal with packaging hell to open them?   And inevitably, the CD jewel case would crack, break or be thrown away completely.  And then the CD scratches.   With digital downloads, there's no waste and no fuss.

3. LIGHTING:  Forget compact fluorescent light bulbs.   Think Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).   This is the future of lighting.   Not only do they use a fraction of the electricity that CFL bulbs do, but they last even longer.   I recently bought some LED string lights and was told they will last around 8 years if I keep them plugged in forever.   That means if I plug them in today, they will finally burn out in 2016.  Amazing.

4. HYBRID CAR TECHNOLOGY:    One word:  duh.    When will the next generation of fuel efficient cars arrive?   That's what I can't wait for!

Okay, so I'm missing a bunch here.   Let's brainstorm a bit.   I just bought a hybrid computer that I'll blog about tomorrow… what else is out there that is technologically greener?