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The Swan Restaurant

September 17th, 2013

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I live in quaint Bucks County, PA when I’m not traveling all over the world for work.  I live this town and all the wonderful people, shops, and restaurants that make this area incredibly unique and a great place to live.

One of my favorite restaurants is actually across the Delaware River in Lambertville, NJ called Anton’s at The Swan.

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It’s housed in a historic former hotel-turned-restaurant in a beautiful old brick building that features a fine dining restaurant and a more casual pub-like area in the back with more casual fare also.


The fine dining side………

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The more casual pub/bar area that I prefer.   In the winter months, the wood burning stove keeps it snug and warm and it’s a great place to bring friends on a cold weekend night.


43 S Main St  Lambertville, NJ 08530
(609) 397-1960


Summer Entertaining Ideas

July 17th, 2013


Here are some of my favorite ideas for summer entertaining from my book Upcycling Celebrations.   This one is both ecological and economical: use colorful bandannas as napkins for your table.     They come in a whole variety of colors, don’t cost a lot and they are machine washable.   Lose one?   It’s not a big deal.   And they look rather festive on any table.



Repurpose a 6-pack beer case into a condiment carrying case.    We just used sticky contact paper to cover the outside and voila!  The perfect place to hold everything you need to dress up your hamburgers, hot dogs and anything else….



Bamboo poles with patriotic flags poked in on top; fill pots with sand and stick em in.    A very easy and interesting way to create a centerpiece for your table.



And grab some old jeans and make them into denim  napkins.    Use a bleach pen to make a pretty design or monogram them with initials: really do whatever you want.


Frozen Banana Soft Serve

May 20th, 2013



Obsession Alert: Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co.

It’s in New York City and they basically take frozen ripe bananas and somehow turn it into delicious soft serve like ice cream that is dairy, gluten and artificial anything-free.


Totally reminded me of this gadget—the Yonanas machine–I saw on HSN a while back…


Since I neglected to take a before photo since I wolfed it all down, here’s what it looks like.  Lots of yummy flavors, but the original is what I love: a very subtle banana taste, super creamy, light and feels like a guilty indulgence but really isn’t.



Fruit and Water: That’s it.   How can you go wrong?

Welcome to my new obsession…..


Glazed Tile Coasters

April 15th, 2013



An oldie, but a goodie project: wood grain tile coasters.

All you need a few ceramic tiles (these were about sixty cents each at Home Depot), a bottle of Porcelaine glaze (from Michaels), a brush and a wood graining tool (in the paint dept at the hardware store).



Apply a generous, but not thick, layer of the glaze on top of the tile.   Does not matter how neat you do this.



Rock back and forth the wood graining tool on top while it is still wet.   Hate what you see?   Just reapply glaze and do it again.



Try lots of different colored glazes… on different colors of tile!



Bake at 300 degrees for about 15 minutes.  Turn off oven and let it sit inside and cool completely down.

Add felted feet to the bottom and you’re done!

Birthday Upcycling

March 7th, 2013



Here’s a fun idea from one of my older books Simply Green Parties that I’m going to be doing very soon:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY illuminated bags.    Simply trace the letters you want on a variety of old shopping bags using a stencil kit from the hardware store.   Cut out the letters using an X-acto knife, tape tissue paper inside, and illuminate the inside with fire-safe LED lanterns or solar lights.



Eco-friendly disposable plates now come in a variety of natural materials and recycled plastics.    You an jazz them up a little for a party by punching a pattern design along the edges uses hole punches of different sizes and shapes.



If you don’t want a cake for your party but like the idea of blowing out candles, upcycle an old trifle dish by placing candles inside the dish.    They’ll stay lit and can be blown out when someone is making a wish.    I also like this idea for a simple illuminated centerpiece for the table for any party.



And if you are like me with a “no shoes” rule in your home, make sure guests are comfortable by offering them a pair of clean, unworn, brand new socks.    And let them keep the socks as a thank you gift at the end of the party.