Programming Note

October 2nd, 2013


I’m in the great state of Texas today, so no posts today….

But on my camera I saw this image of the cedar wood slice I bought at a flea market a few weeks ago resting on my dining room table.

I’m a big fan of not decorating with much rhyme or reason.  I like old things, new things, odd things and found.    If it appeals to you then as a collection if all sorta just comes together somehow.

And this $3 cedar wood slice found in the back of a van at a New Jersey flea market looks just fine holding a copper bowl I found in California holding dried seed pods I picked up in Costa Rica.



A Day in NYC

July 15th, 2013

photo (2)

I split my time between my home in Pennsylvania and my work in NYC.   Thankfully, it’s not a daily commute but one that I do probably at least once or twice every two weeks.    When I am in NYC, I make the most of it and get a lot done.

On a recent trip, I found myself having meetings in some unusual places and decided to share some pics here.    First stop was my favorite place to find props for photo shoots: PropHaus.   Look at the whole variety of just cake stands they have!  This is where stylists go to find vintage, antique and unusual props that you see used in many magazines and advertising campaigns.

photo (3)


Including tons of surfaces used for still life photography.  You would be surprised that many photos that look like they were shot in a rustic barn were actually done in studios in NYC!

photo (7)


The hotel I stay at is called The Nomad Hotel at 28th and Broadway.  I love this ingenious use of a small space to mount a flat screen TV.   It doesn’t always have to be mounted to a wall, does it?   Skinny, but efficient.

photo (10)


Polar bear book case spied at The Crosby Street Hotel.

photo (9)


Lunch meeting: these vintage amber bottles all collected together in glass terrariums.    Simple, yet beautiful.

photo (8)


A few minutes of shopping in the West Village: interesting visual display in a store I forgot the name of.  Actually, it was a store I was unclear what they actually sold!  But still love this display.

Frenchtown, NJ

June 13th, 2013



The town of Frenchtown, NJ is a very quaint, beautiful and uniquely distinct river town along the Delaware River that I consider my local ‘hood when I’m staying at my cottage house.

There is a nice mix of local merchants ranging from a great candy store to bakeries, restaurants, antique shops, and local merchants like this one: Frenchtown Dry Goods.



Beautifully restored buildings now house a barbershop and a knitting store…. beautiful job on the restoration!



The National Hotel is in the middle of everything in Frenchtown, NJ and is a great place to spend the weekend or grab a drink.   In the past, when we’ve had photo shoots, the crew always stayed here.    There’s a secret bar in the basement worth visiting if you happen to be in town.



Adorable local book shop…



And a new store I just love called Modern Love…..



A great mix of vintage finds including clothes and home decor, beautiful letterpress stationary, tote bags and jewelry and more….  I always find the perfect gift here to give to friends.



And late night great Mexican food is the perfect place to bring my friends when they come and visit.   Who doesn’t love good Mexican food?


Organic Gardening 101

June 6th, 2013

A few years ago, I had a TV show called Simply Green with Danny Seo that ran on the now defunct LIME TV network.

One of my favorite spots we filmed was with organic gardening guru Katharine Whiteside. I had a chance to visit her upstate NY garden and learn how to grow organically.

I hope you enjoy this spot!


May 22nd, 2013



Had a lovely weekend recently in Ojai, CA which I might just called the greenest, nicest place on Earth.    The beyond perfect Ojai Valley Inn was home for my short trip which mixes meandering gardens with lushly appointed rooms and stellar customer service.    Can not say enough about the place.



Ojai is famous for their Pixie oranges, but they also grow tons of other citrus and produce as well (including probably the world’s best avocados).    I love how the farm stands are all done on the honor system.



A pretty Saturday afternoon with hanging lanterns above.



Here is my pal and photographer Shelly Strazis as we shoot each other at lunch.    I shot the visit to Ojai for an upcoming story.  Yes, I am developing my own magazine!



Ojai is also a very spiritual place and we were lucky to accidentally find this dome where classes were taking place… We shot the interior and exterior for the magazine.