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September 30th, 2006


Hi everyone!   

I’ll be on the CBS EARLY SHOW on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4th around 8AM.   Tune in and learn the latest in eco-friendly furnishings for you home.   

It’ll be a fun segment covering everything from flooring to walls to lighting to furniture.

I’ll post a link to a webisode in case ya miss it.  But if you do catch it, leave a message here telling me which products you liked!

Sweet and Herby

September 30th, 2006


I said this in my book SIMPLY GREEN PARTIES:  there are things in life that are like cilantro….you either love it or hate it, there’s no in between.       Seriously, cilantro is one of those herbs that people LOVE LOVE LOVE or HATE TO HATE.   Ever notice that?

But if you LOVE cilantro like I do, give this a try: fresh peaches, cilantro, ollive oil, onions and a little salt.    So simple, and so good.   Such an unusual taste that, well, works!    If you don’t like cilantro, I guess mint could be good too….

Collecting Feathers

September 29th, 2006


I’ve never liked the word "collector."    To me, it always meant Beanie Babies or something tacky that simply designed to, well, collect and buy.  More stuff to put in the house: clutter!

But lately, I’ve been on a natural collecting spree.   Seaglass from beach….perfect river rocks from the Delaware River…ferns pressed between books….and now this:  feathers.

How many times have you seen a large feather sitting on the ground?   Why not pick it up and start a feather bowl?    Stamp the date on each feather (another great use for those alphabet ink stamp kits) and just keep adding.  Ask family members, friends and kids to collect and add.  Eventually, the bowl is just overflowing like this one on top.

What other natural items could we collect?

Teri Hatcher’s Trailer Park?

September 28th, 2006


At an organic farm, this little guy sits still and let’s me snap a picture.      But I digress… what on Earth is Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher doing a trailer park?

Okay, not exactly.     At an undisclosed farm in an undisclosed location, at this solar powered trailer on an organic farm, Ms. Hatcher was able to find some R&R as her choice for a vacation.    And trust me:  this place was in the middle of nowhere….far far away from glamorous Hollywood!

And ta-da…here’s the trailer:


I think it’s cool she finds heaven on an organic farm and adores simple accomodations like this…makes me like her even more now.

Raw Olive Oil

September 27th, 2006


The things you learn when you just ask.

"Aren’t all olive oils the same," your Simply Green guy naively asks the olive farmer.

"Well, ever wonder why some olive oils cost a few bucks…and others cost a ton?"   

In an 11 minute interview on my weekly Sirius satellite radio show, I found out a few interesting tidbits about olive oil.   The most interesting fact?   Not all olive oils are, well, actually olive oil.   The cheap varieties use olives picked from trees and the ground.     The even cheaper olive oils are cut down with vegetable oils blended with olive oils!     Ever hear of "light" olive oil?   Yep…it’s lighter in quantity of real olive oil! 

Anyway, PASOLIVO is one of the only American olive oil makers out there.  They specialize in high-end oils that are fruity, tasty, cold-pressed and raw.   Never cooked…and you can really taste it when you try.   Some pics from the visit:

"OLIVE" the dog:


The large tanks holding gallons and gallons of fresh pressed olive oil:


And finally?  The product.   I ordered a case of this stuff and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival here at home: