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Weekend Project: Re-Tile Bathroom

June 30th, 2007


Well, I’m still doing renovation projects here and there on my house and I think I see a finish line coming up!

Now, onto the bathroom.   I’ve got all these extra sheets of recycled glass mosaic tile that I got from Oceanside Glass Tile Company.    I’ve used them as a backsplash in my kitchen and love the opaque and pearly blue/white color of the tiles.

Right now in my bathroom, I’ve got deep red floors.    I think it’s painted concrete, but I’m really not sure.   But what I do know is that I’m not a fan of it. 

So, while I was cleaning out the craft room, I came across a few extra dozen sheets of the kitchen backsplash tile and thought it would work well in the bathroom, too.    Consistency, after all, right?

What do we think?  Yeah or Nay on this?

HGTV: Red Hot & Green ReRun

June 29th, 2007


In case ya missed it, my HGTV special "Red Hot & Green" will re-run this SUNDAY, JULY 1st at 5pm (EST).    Learn lots of stylish and eco-friendly ways to decorate and renovate your home.

I’m joined by my pal Carter Oosterhouse in this special.   We makeover a lovely home in San Diego, CA owned by an equally lovely couple.

Learn more at

Self Watering Plant Update

June 28th, 2007


Two weeks later and with no watering, the indoor houseplant is still alive–and might I add—thriving!   It looks absolutely the same to me as the first day I planted it!

I potted this plant with a rechargeable water bag two weeks ago and haven’t given it a sip of water since.

I basically soaked this large bag—it’s like an oversized teabag—and it swelled up with water.  No matter how hard I squeezed, only drips of water here and there would seep out.     The bag’s maker promises that it’ll slowly and consistently water your plants for 30 days.  After 30 days, you just water the plant as usual and the bags recharge themselves and become somewhat of a resevoir for the plant.

I must say, this is a great product.   With all the travel that I do, I don’t have to worry about my houseplants dying a slow, thirsty death!

Reusable Newspaper Bag

June 27th, 2007


I thought this idea was so simple and so elegant.   On a recent stay the City Club hotel in New York City, my morning paper was hanging on the door from a reusable cloth bag, not some flimsy plastic bag.   

I’m tempted to learn how to sew so I can make one out of hemp fabric.  It would be designed to hold newspapers, magazines, maybe a journal and some a tiny little pocket to hold a pencil and a pen. 

I usually read all of my news online, but I do pick-up the newspaper here and then.     And there are lots of easy ways to recycle newspaper:  Stuff your shoes with it to deodorize it, make firestarters for the fireplace, line your fridge overnight to deodorize it, keep a stack by the door to place shoes on to of it (it absorbs excess dirt, water, metals dragged in from outdoors).

Eco-Friendly Entertaining

June 26th, 2007


It’s a repeat, but it’s a fun one!

Tune in WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27th to Regis & Kely (check local listings for times/stations) where I’ll be sharing tips from my entertaining book "Simply Green Parties."

From fresh herb centerpieces to wine glass ID tags, learn lots of little tricks that will help your upcoming 4th of July bash not only be festive and fun, but eco-friendly, too.