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Sweater Chair Re-Do

September 29th, 2007


Well, little did I know that putting my home on the market would cause a little fuss!    I was amazed at how many people checked out when apartment therapy ran an item about it.   Although they call it a "mini Turkey Hill" and I’ll basically leave my comment about that, well, to myself. 

And then the NY Post put it in the real estate gossip column, which I have to say was kinda cool.   Braden Keil usually writes about people buying multi-million dollar apartments in NYC or listing their $20 million dollar spread in the Hamptons in his column.   And here he is talking about my modest $400K home:

It’s easy being green

Environmental lifestyle guru Danny Seo is selling his eco-friendly Bucks County, Pa., bungalow for not a lot of green.

The noted interior designer, who has his own radio and TV shows and has penned five books, is listing the cozy, restored two-bedroom home on a small hillside lot for $425,000.

The maintenance-free property is surrounded by Japanese maple trees, ferns and evergreens.

Inside the 1,000-square-foot 1920s cottage are an upstairs sleeping loft with views of the Delaware River, exposed ceiling beams and a stone fireplace. Seo’s updates include a kitchen with energy-efficient appliances, central air conditioning, a marble bathroom and a renovated screened-in porch. There is also a separate outbuilding that could be used as an office or artist’s studio.

If that wasn’t enough, a copy of the DVD "Simple Steps to a Greener Home," which chronicles the renovation and restoration of the home, is included in the sale.

For more information, visit

But I digress.    All the interest has been great, but it’s always brought up a lot of peculiar questions about my house, too.   

People like the dining room chairs.   They really like them.   Correction: they like my $5 scratch-and-dent Ikea chairs.    And I think I know why.

I reupholstered some floor model Ikea chairs I bought on super-clearance about a year ago with some cashmere and wool sweaters I picked up at Goodwill.   It was easy: just unscrew the seat cushion, wrap a sweater over the cushion, staple gun into place underneath, trim off excess, screw back on and voila!  Sweater chair.

People are asking what the chairs cost.   Or if I’ll include it in the sale.   People!    Go to Ikea (or look in your basement for a chair), spend $5 in the scratch and dent and do it yourself!   It’s the easiest project ever and the results are really great.

Showering Your Plants

September 28th, 2007


A few months ago, I tested something called a Rechargeable Water Bag that I used for a houseplant.   Basically, you put the large bag in a bucket of water, it swells up, and it slowly waters your plants at their roots over 30 days.  Each time you rewater the plant, the bag recharges and you never have to really worry about your plants again.

So, I figured I would remember to water this guy at least once every month.    Wrong.   

Today, as I was waiting for the water to warm up in the shower, I noticed I could easily just plop the plant in the shower and let the cold water coming down water the plant and then swap it out once it gets warm.

If you have one of those shower/tub combos, you could easily fill up a watering can with cold water this way, too.  Once it’s full, your water would be warm enough to shower…and you’ll have a watering can full of clean water for all your thirsty plants.

Terra Cotta Candles

September 27th, 2007


We recently did a photo shoot in Bucks County, PA at stylist Lynn Butler’s home.    I spied these terra cotta candles in her kitchen and took a snapshot; she sells them on her website through her company The Product Gallery. 

I’ve just shot an email to my friend who makes candles through his website   You see, I have a whole collection of weathered and antiqued terra cotta pots sitting in my craft room.   But like most terra cotta pots, they have a drainage hole on the bottom (and I am guessing unlike the candles in this photo).

So what can I use on the bottom of the pots to make sure the melted wax doesn’t pour right through when I make them?   Or is it enough to prop them on wax paper, pour the wax, let it cool and then peel them off the wax paper?   

I’m either going to make a terrible mess or be the luckiest crafter alive.    More to come…

Candy Tin Gift Boxes

September 26th, 2007


Here’s a sweet idea: candy tin gift boxes.

I put together this eco idea for Cosmogirl magazine, but the story got nixed and I was stuck with these images.  So I thought I’d share themw ith you.

Save all your metal candy mint tins and cover the top with a piece of woodgrain contact sheet paper.  You can find the contact sheet paper in most home improvement stores; just trace the top, cut, and peel off the backing and place on top.   This will conceal the words ALTOIDS on top of the box.

The boxes are just big enough to hold a gift card and the smaller tins can hold things like earrings, cash and other small gift items.

Put a whole stack together and tie with ribbon and give a week’s worth of mini gifts.     When the recipient is done, they can toss the tin into the recycling bin since it’s 100% recyclable tin.

Fall Eco Check List

September 25th, 2007


I did a fun segment on the Saturday CBS Early Show over the weekend sharing tips on getting ready your house (and yard) ready for Fall.   

Who knew letting fallen leaves gather in the sewer system, which flushes into lakes and rivers, would be bad for the environment?    The leaves decompose in our waterways, become fuel for algae, and giant algae blooms come alive in the Spring.     Just running your lawnmower over the leaves on your yard so they become beneficial mulch is the simple and easy solution.

Watch the video online and learn how to transform a sock into a draft dodger and disinfect your bird feeders in one simple step.