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April 30th, 2010


I only own one shirt.

Million Dollar Orange

April 30th, 2010


Many of you may know that I travel to Los Angeles quit a bit for work.   It’s funny: lots of people who I work with think I should just relocate from my home in Pennsylvania and just live in LA full-time instead.     And some people actually think I live in LA full-time already, given how often they see me.    But no matter how many United/Continental/American flights I take out there, I will never, ever move there.   The town is just too much for me sometimes.

I know a celebrity family in Malibu that once planted a vegetable garden on a plot of expensive land they bought just so their kids knew where fruits and vegetables came from.    When I figured out the math of what each tomato cost, it came down to something like $125 per tomato.   I guess it’s better to have a garden than another towering home on the land, but still: $125 to grow one tomato.

So it comes as no surprise that as I drove down Sunset Blvd from West Hollywood to Westwood in my Prius one day, I’d see this: an orange grove.


A multi-million dollar home with top-of-the-line security and fencing surrounding a freshly planted grove of orange trees.      A grove of trees in one of the richest, poshest, most over-the-top neighborhoods in all of 90210.    When I asked around to my LA friends what is up with this orange grove, I was told the owner has been telling folks she just wanted it and liked the idea of walking out her front door and picking an orange.

Or as I can calculate, a million dollar piece of citrus.


Behind this fancy iron security gate, here’s a yet-to-be planted orange tree still in its wooden crate.   I can only imagine some citrus farmer in California who got an offer to buy his grove so it could be airlifted and planted in Beverly Hills.

I don’t have any commentary on this other than I just find it all interesting.   On one hand, it’s just another example of people with crazy amounts of money doing whatever crazy thing they want and getting it done.  On the other hand, I feel better knowing those millions weren’t spent on private jets, Hummers and fur coats.     If I had to choose, I’d make myself a citrus tomato salad and savor each multi-million dollar bite.  

(PS-Yes,I tried to reach through the iron gate to grab an orange, but I restrained myself out of fear the orange security detail police would come and pulp, squeeze and juice me to death).

Do You Baggu?

April 29th, 2010

This past Earth Day, I was up bright and early in West Chester, PA to help unveil the new Baggu reusable  bag set on QVC. 

I love Baggu bags because they truly are the ultimate reusable shopping bag: super light weight, very strong, holds up to 50 pounds per bag, can easily fold back up into your pocket, and they come in bright, fashion-forward colors.


In the QVC collection, we gave a 3-piece Baggu set and and 2 1-piece sets—perfect either for big grocery shopping trips or just a quick one to the store—and they all come packaged in their own individual pouches.       What I love about the bags is that you don’t need to be a math whiz to figure out how to fold them back up again.   Each bag has what I like to call “memory lines” that refold back up like a map: just fold in half and then let the lines refold themselves in half and half again until you end up with a little square that fits right back into the pouch.


Did I mention the amazing colors they come in?    My feeling is this: a reusable bag does not have to have a giant supermarket logo on the side of the bag.   It can also be non-descript and beautiful, right?   And since many of us are using reusable bags everywhere else, it should be comfortable, roomy, strong and lightweight, too!


But at the end of the day, they should be able to hold lots of groceries, too.    50 pounds per bag!    That’s like 10 five pound bags of flour.   

Check out the QVC video above to see me try my best to express my love for these bags.      And did I mention the great deal they did?  5 Baggu bags plus a reusable produce bag for just $29.87?

Win! Set of Quick Dri Beach Towels

April 28th, 2010


I never thought I’d see the day when I uttered the words “are you excited about warm, summer months?”

But here we are and here I am looking at the window at lush green trees, blue skies, warm weather and fields of flowers.   So much for Old Man Winter taking us all down, right? 

And to celebrate the warmer months, I think a contest is in order here at Daily Danny.

For one lucky Daily Danny reader, you’ll win a set of these enormous and eco-friendly Quick Dri beach towels from JCPenney.  These 100% cotton towels feature a special weave that helps them dry 1/3 faster, which  means less energy is used in the dryer and they are less prone to smell mildewy because they also air dry faster!     And nothing is worse than a wet beach towel when you’re at the pool or beach and just trying to dry off!

So, to give these quick dri beach towels a try, just leave a comment where you’ll use these towels if you win!   One lucky Daily Danny reader will win!



Congrats to LORI for winning the Set of Quick Dri Towels.   She said she would use them at:  ”The pool most often, though we will be in Tahoe for a week next month.”

Natural Health Shoot!

April 27th, 2010


A very fun E! News segment about the Natural Health shoot I did with my good friend and actress Amy Smart recently aired, so I thought it would be fun to share some pics from the shoot we did in lovely Malibu.     I always love working with Amy (we’ve known each other for 10 years now!!) and I’m even more proud to announce she’s joined twitter (@amysmart26) and updating on a frequent basis!

Here’s the E! News segment you can check out, too!


Here’s the gorgeous Ms Smart getting camera ready for a cover shot for the July/August issue of Natural Health.   Don’t you love the wild field of yellow flowers, the bright sky and a chance to see all the chaos it takes to get a “natural” shot?    Love it.


This dude was so cute.  He found a patch of grass in a modernist patio to make all his own.


Speaking of locations, isn’t this very cool?    We’re in Malibu and with the mountains behind us and the ocean right in front, this building takes the best of both worlds and and does it so well with minimalism style.       I actually feel like we’re in Palm Springs.


And finally, a look at the ocean with fields of wild lavender overtaking the hillsides.   At a location like this, it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo!   And with the Natural Health shoot wrapped, I can’t wait to see the lovely Ms Smart gracing the summer cover of the magazine.