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Art at Home

January 31st, 2012

On February 22, the Nate Berkus Show will air a segment that features a home tour I did of my Pennsylvania home.   I can’t wait to share it with you and hope you tune in.

I showed Nate lots of my weird DIY art ideas in the home and I thought I’d show you some other pieces I have scattered around the house.    This landscape painting, for example, was just $5 from a local flea market.   I just loved the primary colors used in this painting: very bright, modern and fun.

Lots of black and white framed photos throughout the house.   Back in 2001, when my book CONSCIOUS STYLE HOME was published, we still shot photos on film.   That meant all the film had to be printed on high quality paper to be used for laying out the book.  Man, times have changed with digital!

But that also means I have piles of artwork from the shoot.  So, I’ve framed a bunch and have them in both of my  homes.

Love this portrait of Nelson Mandela.   A gift from the very talented photographer Kwaku Alston.  I have this in my office.

An unusual pen and ink drawing of an elephant I found at the flea market.   Was something like $10 and I used an inexpensive Ikea frame to frame it up.

And artwork by my nephew that I had blown up at a copy shop into large pieces of “modern” art.    This is what I showed Nate on the show… so easy to do and it makes any artwork from a child into gallery worth masterpieces.

A Cleaner Compost Bin

January 30th, 2012

For a while this oversized pot has been my compost pail in my kitchen.   It’s an old Ikea stockpot that got ruined when I thought I could use it as a double boiler to melt wax.    You know what’s hard to get out of a stockpot?  Melted wax.   So, since I ruined it, I repurposed it as my compost pail for the past few months.

A peek inside reveals the usual organic matter waiting for the compost bin outside: egg shells (PS-some folks say egg shells are not compostable; I say hog wash on that one…), greens, some flowers, coffee grinds.   Nothing unusual.

But it sure can get kinda stinky quickly…. so I decided to use the powers at our company to come up with something…

I designed a compost pail.

It’s coming out to stores in a few weeks and I just got the first prototype sent to my home.   It’s stainless steel for easy cleaning, it’s roomy to hold lots of organic matter and it has a tight fitting lid.

Inside the lid is a charcoal filter to keep odors at bay.   And we threw in an extra one, too, so you can replace it in a few months when the weather is warmer outside.

Honestly, the filter is really, truly optional.  It just depends how frequently you take your compost out to the yard to add it to compost bin outside!

A close up shot of the label.    It’s $16.99 and will be available in stores nationwide.  The best place to find this in a few weeks is—yep, you guessed it—HomeGoods stores.    They really do carry the best selection of our eco-friendly Danny Seo goodies!


January 27th, 2012

Over these mugs I didn’t buy when I was in Korea.

I know it’s wrong to  obsess over material objects…but these lovely handmade mugs are exactly what I need for my home to serve up homemade cappucinos, soup, mugs of tea and everything else warm and yummy during these cold winter days and nights.


But the good news is that Random House Korea recently bought the rights to my book “Upcycling,” which means there is a tiny chance I may go back to Seoul for a book tour?   Hear that Random House Korea?   I would gladly come promote to get my mugs!

Happy Friday everyone!     Glad to be back.

Nate Berkus Show

January 26th, 2012

Tune in February 22nd for my first “House Proud” tour of my home on The Nate Berkus Show.  Just taped it and Nate called my home “sick.”  Hope that’s a good thing!

Our New Cookware!

January 26th, 2012

Some exciting news today.  Our new line of Danny Seo cookware and bakeware is arriving in stores right now.

The line includes everything and anything you need to whip up a culinary storm in your eco-friendly kitchen.    The non-stick coating on the line is ceramic based and is 100% free of harmful chemicals like PTFE and PFOA and zero harmful fumes were released in production.  Suitable for both gas and electric ranges (including induction!), it is also dishwasher safe.

One of our recycled paper hangtags that go with the open stock cookware.   This is for the 7″ saucepan.

A great big roaster rack.    It’s just $16.99 and you can find it in stores like HomeGoods.

I do believe the 12″ wok is going to be a staple in my home.  Lately, I’ve been doing healthy stir fry recipes when I want something quick and delicious to eat.   With the ceramic non-stick coating, I can do it with way less oil now.

Muffin tins!  We also have baking sheets, tart pans, bundt cake pans and loaf pans for all of your baking needs.

The clear glass matching lids for the cookware line feature our Danny Seo logo.   I love the fact you can peer inside without having to lift the lid.

If you’d like to check out the line, the best place to see the best selection are stores like HomeGoods.    Let me know if you pick it up and would love to hear your thoughts!