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Which Prize?

June 29th, 2012

Happy Friday!

Thinking about doing a contest next week and thought I’d ask you to help pick a prize.

Option A:  A large box full of Method cleaning products…..

Option B:  A nice mix of Boscia preservative-free skin care products.    This is the line I am the spokesperson for on HSN (coming back to HSN on July 3rd!).

Option C:  A Danny Seo table top composter, 3-piece eco-friendly knife set in a bamboo block and a Danny Seo bamboo cutting board with silicone grips.

Whatcha think?

PS-Here’s the Jacket…

June 28th, 2012

Ps-For my Korean Daily Danny readers, here’s the jacket for UPCYCLING in Korea.  It’s hitting stores right about now and there’s a fabulous Upcycling exhibition of projects from the book at the Lotte Department store gallery in Seoul.

Random House Korea is our publisher and it’s full of not only all the unique upcycling projects from the US edition, but about a dozen brand new ones using Korean-centric materials exclusive to this book.   Enjoy!

Simple Ideas

June 28th, 2012

Found these reusable thermoses at The Bay department store when I was visiting Toronto to appear on The Shopping Channel.  Iconic Hudson Bay stripe on an eco-friendly container.    It was 95 degrees that day, which might the reason why I didn’t pick up a blanket, flannel sheets or a reusable thermos designed to hold hot drinks.  But still love…

Had these unfinished wood die cuts from Michaels Craft Stores in my living room…. snowflakes and a polar bear… What to do?

Coaster!   Inexpensive, fun and really really effective.    They absorb the condensation really well.

Korean Inspiration

June 27th, 2012

The Korean translation of my book Upcycling will be out in stores in Korea any day now, so it seems appropriate that I go through my archives of design books for my work.

Last time I was in Seoul, I stopped by a vintage book store and picked up these Korean pattern/design books.   They have been serving as both visual and mood board inspiration for a number of new products I’ve been working on.

We’ve been working hard to create a new fragrance line (my previous line Wholearth no longer exists) and I thought I’d share some pages that I’ve found inspiring.

The bright colors here and intricate lattice work….

Bold patterns here… almost Safari/African/Tribal?

Ornate, French with Korean vibrancy in colors…

See the birds?   Love the combo is simple pink and black.

And simply…Love.

Nature at Home

June 26th, 2012

From my home office, I’ve been watching 4 baby owls grow up into 4 adult owls over the past few weeks.     At night, the owls fly over to the LED string lights and perch there, quietly cooing and finally sweeping down to pick up their dinner each and every night.     They seem to be getting comfortable with me and no longer fly away when I walk over to the window to watch.    Anyway, one of the reasons why I love working from home in bucolic Bucks County, PA.

In my home, I have references to nature everywhere, like this vintage botanical book I picked up in Adamstown, PA a few years ago.   Everyday or so, I flip the pages to reveal a new drawing.

Some fallen feathers from the driveway live in handmade ceramic pots I picked up in Costa Rica a few years ago.

A mix of shells, bark, quartz and sea glass in a rough terra cotta dish from Terrain at Styers.

Pine cones piled high inside a glass lantern (a leftover prop from my Country Home magazine days).