Lego Chair


Yes, an entire real chair made out of Legos.  Nothing.  But. Legos.

It looks almost identical to the famous Mondrian style chair, but like I said, this is made entirely out of Legos. 

Saw this in a gallery in the Soho section of New York City.   Sign says “do not sit on” and it’s also presumably not really designed to be sat on.   Also, price is available on request.  Ka-Ching!

But I took this snapshot to share because I do appreciate the handiwork, thought and resourcefulness that went into making this chair.  If my newphew left a pile of Legos at my house, the last thing in the world I would think is chair.   But then again….


  1. Peter says:

    “LEGO” or “Lego bricks”, not “Legos”.

  2. Linda J. says:

    DS just took a look over my shoulder at this fun chair and said, “Gee, I’d rather make a boat”. I do like the design but I would prefer something a bit sturdier to sit on.