Oprah Magazine Eco Makeover: Part Two!


Part Two of the eco makeover I did for the June issue of O: The Oprah Magazine!    This is so much fun going back into my digital archives to finally share these pics with all of you!

Okay, here’s the patio area that is, well, just a chair and a broomstick before I got my hands on it.  And here’s the after:


I moved the teak chair Kerry Washington already had to across the other side of the patio.  Here, I put this all-weather wicker chair (in a nice blue color) on top of a natural reed runner.    Behind it, I took the top half of a dining room hutch from Smith & Hawken and used it as shelves because it fit RIGHT IN the space on the patio.    When I saw it on clearance, I knew it was the perfect and inexpensive piece for the job.  On top of the shelves, I took these amazing Linden Street lanterns from JCpenney and made them the hero accessory for the area.    To finish it, I took a JCPenney Home Collection pillow and “sequined” it with just safety pins for a starburst effect.


Here’s the dining room before.   The chairs were clunky and they came with the apartment, so Kerry was not attached to them at all.   And that was it.    Above it was some track lighting that sorta lit the area and there was no real effort to make it a stylish, cool, beautiful area to entertain.


And here’s the after!    I mixed and matched here quite a bit.  The rug is a real find from HD Buttercup in Los Angeles and it’s remnant carpet all stitched together into a vintage, patchwork piece.     The chairs were clearance “driftwood” pieces from Pottery Barn that I mixed with a Linden Street table from JCPenney; there are pieces costing thousands of dollars that look exactly like this JCPenney one that cost just a few hundred.  It pays to shop, seriously.    And we painted the walls a cool lime color using that same Benjamin Moore Natura eco paint.  Looks vibrant and fresh!


And here’s the $15 chandelier I created to replace the tacky track lighting.  I took a $9.99 paper lighting fixture from Ikea and ripped off the paper to leave the exposed wire ribs.   Then I wrapped it all with chicken wire from Lowe’s, added some branches and a few craft store birds from Michael’s craft store.    I chose interesting bulbs (since it’s exposed) and voila!   Birdcage chandelier.     It was inspired by a $2000 version I saw in an antique store and thought… “I could make that.”


Here’s the before shot of the living room:  mirrored walls, mismatched rental apartment furniture, assortment of unmatched accessories.   It was comfortable, but not homey.


And the after photo of the living room.  We solved the mirror wall problem by installing yards of Rubie Green organic cotton fabric onto hospital tracking.    We found another patchwork rug that matched the one in the dining room and picked a neutral sofa from JCPenney’s Linden Street collection and threw on some recycled burlap pillows and antique store pieces, too.   The table is from Baker Furniture (an investment piece!) and a casual wicker chair from Smith & Hawken finished it off.   The lamp is cool, too; it’s from HD Buttercup and it’s an old medical floor lamp remade into a great floor lamp for the home. 

All fun stuff for a cool modern country apartment…right in the Hollywood Hills.   Check it all out in the June issue of O: The Oprah Magazine!


  1. JB says:

    I think the final result is gorgeous, but to tell you the truth, I didn’t think it was so bad BEFORE! Jeez, it was a heck of a lot nicer than MY place!!

  2. love what you did with the hanging light fixture! so much fun. heidi

  3. Sonja says:

    The rug under the dining table reminded me of a rug my mother made when I was a kid. We didn’t have a lot of money so she went to the all the carpet stores and asked for their square floor samples of carpet, which they gave her for free when the new samples came in. She loaded them all up brought them home and then used duct tape to tape the underside of the squares together and we had a beautiful patchwork carpet for a couple of years in our living room! She was green before green was cool!!

  4. Liz says:

    Love the patchwork carpet and especially love the bird chandelier. The rooms look great!

  5. Lori says:

    Danny you are a genius! Especially love the bird cage chandelier. Thanks for sharing. Now I have to go get the Oprah magazine to get all the sidebar details!

  6. Stacey says:

    Is that a wine-cork bolster pillow on the sofa? WHERE did you find that? Too cute!

  7. Tommy says:

    What an awesome job you did! Again, I love the colors and the (mostly) attainable pieces. The apartment looks so much brighter and roomier now, and I know that it’s a ton greener.

  8. Kelly says:

    You’re a genius! Where is that blue wicker chair from on the patio?

  9. I saw the birdcage chandelier in O magazine, which led me to find you online. It’s really quite creative and just darling. Great blog! Glad to have found you!

  10. selenakyle says:

    great work. i just want to ask – what was wrong with the mirror that you had to cover it up? i thought it was a pretty green element in that it reflects more natural light in the room.

  11. carriejo says:

    The chandelier is such fun; I’m considering crafting one myself. Question: I can’t seem to locate a lamp similar to the one you used on the Ikea website. Any suggestions or the style name so that we home-crafters might be able to replicate your success?

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