Cool Glasses


Green Depot in NYC is one of my new favorite stores to find eco-friendly solutions for my home.   Everything is so neatly displayed, organized and priced fairly.  If you’re lucky, you’ll find one of their special sales (when I was there, area rugs were 40% off).   But even if there is not a sale happening, you can still find lots of eco-bargains throughout the whole store.

Today, I was walking to a lunch meeting after attending the JCPenney Manhattan grand store opening and decided to pop in.  Glad I did.  They had these frosted recycled glass tumblers, flutes and wine glasses of all shapes and sizes lined up on a table…


These glasses immediately reminded me of actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s Hamptons home, where she has mismatched dining room chairs all painted a matte black so they coordinate.  Even though they are each totally different chairs, because they were all painted one solid coat of matte black, they coordinated.   It’s a brilliant thrift shop to great design idea I haven’t forgotten about and have had this pic stashed away on my hard drive forever.


In a nutshell, this company called Umbra takes Goodwill and Salvation Army glasses and sandblasts them from clear to frosted, giving them all a fresh new look that’s consistent all while celebrating the original silhouette of the glass.   So, you end up with mismatched glasses that all have the same coloring, and they are eco-friendly since old glasses were given a simple facelift.  Less energy is used to recycle old glass PLUS you get a set of really interesting glassware to set your table with.


And here are the prices.    I bought several glasses.


And before I left with my purchase (all stashed in a JCPenney Simply Green tote I might add!), I saw this stool for sale made from recycled wrenches.    Fun!


  1. Christie says:

    Wow, I love this!

  2. Sondra says:

    FYI : THe seat of the “wrench” chair is a tractor seat.

  3. Hussain says:

    hmmm… i wonder if i could get the same effect for a few bucks with goodwill glasses and glass etching solution…

  4. susan H says:

    Amazing how much they charge for those recycled sand blasted glasses….not a wonder that more people haven’t gone eco savy.

  5. Sarah says:

    The wine glasses are really cool, we bought used glasses from thrift stores for our wedding center pieces… I just wish I would have thought to get them sandblasted!