My Inspiration Wall


If I had to pick one room in the house that I spend the most time in, I would say the craft room is hands down the #1 place I’m working away morning, afternoon and night.   I designed it to be airy, with lots of sunlight and plenty of large surface areas to work on several projects at the same time.   There are cabinets everywhere, all holding drawers full of art and crafting supplies, paper, props for photo shoots, binders full of tear sheets, stacks of my own books, storage for cases of Wholearth product and much more.  All at hand, all organized and all ready to go.

One area that I’m particularly glad I did was to install three large bulap-covered homasote boards in the corner of the room.   Homasote is an eco-friendly building material that is made from 98% recycled materials, and it’s functional, since you tack things right into it.    I consider the homasote covered section of the room my inspiration wall, which is always evolving and changing.  


This little wood veneer robot and tree are inspiration pieces that I made (the robot) and bought (the tree) that I thought could be fun ideas for something.  Not sure what, but SOMETHING.   Many things on the wall are just objects and “things” I find that I find of interest and save because it inspired me to think about big ideas when they are put together collectively on the wall.


I loved the color, wear and shapes of these quilting patterns I found at a junk store.  There was a dusty ziploc bag full of these—many cut from everyday materials like cereal boxes—used by Amish quilt makers in Lancaster County.    I am not a quilter, but I do appreciate the sense of history from them and their shapes and overall charm.


I’ve got lots of handwritten notes from folks I throw on once in a while.  This one is from Margaret Russell from Elle Decor magazine, who sent a thank you note after I sent her my entire Wholearth line to try out. She’s really once of the nicest editors I’ve met.  And there’s a little note from Oprah next to it…



I have tons of fabric swatches I save, so to make it more manageable, I cut little squares out with pinking shears and tack ‘em up.   I’m working away on a home collection project and these just keep me thinking about new colors, patterns, ideas, etc.   Nothing is literal….


And polaroids of some of my favorite magazine shoots, including a houseboat story with supermodel Angela Lindvall for Organic Style and shooting actress Mary Steenburgen for Country Home magazine.  I always beg the photographers to share their unwanted Polaroids with me when we’re on shoots, since they end up being my little mementos from the day.


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Speaking of magazine pull-outs, that story of Lindvall’s houseboat is one of my favorites!

    Your blog is a fav. and a daily read – thanks for all the great ideas and pictures!

  2. Tommy says:

    Great pictures and ideas, as always! On April Fool’s Day, you should post something totally asinine.