A Sneak Peek


Remember that blog post I did called “Rock, Paper, No Scissors?”

Well, I decided to spend a little more time on it and make the idea  little stronger, cleaner, more stylish.

We’re working on a big craft book right now and I’m going to share just two photos from the shoot with you.  Since you saw the post already on this idea, I thought it would be fun to share the better polished idea in pictures here.


Here, I replaced the silver wire with felt covered florist wire, which not only looks better with a shot of color, but it grips much better to the photos (or in this case, postcards) so they don’t slip or accidentally fall.   I love how all sorts of rock work for this project: big ones, little ones, even stacked ones.    You can create a whole gallery of rock frames in minutes by simply twisting the florist wire around the rock rightly and then making a quick “curl” at the top to hold onto the picture.  That’s it.    The rocks are heavy enough to keep everything weighted (so if dog runs by, the wind won’t knock them over) and the florist is stiff enough to keep everything neat and straight.

It’s loads of fun working on this book…can’t wait to share all of it with you.


  1. very cool danny. I actually made some of these after seeing your post. I will have to try it out with the green floral wire! I’m sure you could even wrap silver wire with colored tape (which is everywhere these days) to add a custom look. I’m sure white would be stunning.. and super chic. Even gold…. would look super cool for table markers at a wedding! classy.

    And…. just wondering if you picked your favorite idea for you ‘mug project.’ I submitted a couple ideas.. maybe not ‘winners’… but I would love to know what YOU thought was the ‘best.’


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  3. jo says:

    love it. hearts

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  5. SherryBinNH says:

    You know, as long as you are using florist wire anyhow, you could make a loop halfway up the “stem”, pinch it to a point, and have a leaf! Then the postcard or picture is the flower!