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My pal Amanda Kingloff is someone I’ve known for a while now and have had the privilege of working with on a recent Parents Magazine eco-birthday party story for the magazine.    I was going through my digital camera and lo and behold, here’s Kingloff now wearing a tiara of flowers from our shoot in the Redwood forests of California.   And cue to my cell phone ringing ”PARENTS MAGAZINE”  in 3…2…1….  I think she looks adorable, so it stays up here as my lead pick on this blog post.


As a magazine editor and former stylist (although in my world, you never really do leave BEING a stylist, you always end up styling everything yourself anyway) Amanda’s new blog has a mix of personal project posts and—my favorite–best of ideas for different themes. 

First, for her personal projects, I thought this placemarker idea was a lovely one.   She made these for her wedding and it’s nothing more than air dry clay, some stamps and paint to make them bright and white.    Love it.


Or using an old book from The Strand as a guest sign-in log, instead of a fancy journal.   Love the casual feel of this (and I think the use of stray buttons to hold pens into place is so much fun, too).


And then there is the fun stuff she finds on the web.   Paint chip potraits?   Just pixalate a potrait and match all the little squares to paint chips.  It’s like an OCD version of paint-by-numbers….


And this really great idea I somehow missed from the Good Housekeeping website: a tie wreath.   Ugly ties just wrapped around a wreath frame to make a fun and colorful wreath.  Easy and so effective.

The stats:

The Violet Hours

Check it out and book mark it!


  1. Mary says:

    She has some cute ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The last link doesn´t work, you need to add a “t” !

  3. Meredith says:

    I love that tie wreath! What a clever idea…now I’m wishing we’d held on to those outdated pastel ties so popular in the 90s. Those would have made a great Easter wreath.

  4. Simply love that tie idea.

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