Pellegrino Diffuser


Do you remember the blog post I did on turning a Pellegrino bottle, some chopsticks and diffuser oil into a DIY Diffuser Hack project?

Yep, it involved taking a piece of string soaked in nail polish remover and wrapping it around the neck of the bottle, lighting it ON FIRE and then quickly dropping it into a bucket of ice water to snap the top half of the bottle off.    I can’t imagine why hundreds of you aren’t trying to attempt this at home right now?    You mean to tell me lighting things on fire and exploding glass aren’t on your list of “been there, done that” craft projects?

Anyway, I have to agree with the comments that maybe there’s a better and less dangerous way.     How about this?

I have these mini glass bottles of lemon Pellegino soda bottles in my fridge, had one the other day, and decided to upcycle it.   Using regular old craft glue, I wrapped twine all around the bottle.    Shaved the Chinese food takeout chopsticks (they are bamboo, so they are porous and perfect as diffusers) with a pencil sharpener.  Filled the bottle with some delicious essential oil, put the chopsticks and voila!  Diffuser for the office.


  1. Yvonne Moss says:

    Could you please give a bit more detail as to how the glue and twine process is done? Do you glue the bottle and then wrap the twine or do you glue the twine and then wrap it around? I would love if you could email me or leave a comment on my blog to answer! I want to try this!

  2. Valerie says:

    OMG I love this… I think im going to search some goodwill shelves for different shapes and sizes of bottles and make a little set of wrapped bottles!!!

  3. jacky says:

    What do you put inside the bottles? Essential oils and what else? Water?

  4. Ashley says:

    Yes, please elaborate on the glue and twine wrapping process. I’m planning to do something similar with a candlestick and rope and I’m not sure how to make it work, and stay.

  5. karen says:

    very cool idea.