Tutorial: Twine Wrapped Bottles

A lot of you have been emailing, commenting, tweeting and sending me subliminal messages on how you exactly wrap twine around a bottle from the post I did a little back on upcycling a bottle into a cute DIY diffuser for the home.

You ask and you shall receive.

Start with a bottle (this one is an old orange juice one), some natural twine and a bottle of regular ‘ol craft glue (this one is Aleene’s brand from Michael’s craft stores).

Smother the top 1/4 of the bottle with glue.    Just smear it on.   Your hands will get messy, so just get over it and smear it with your fingers.

Start wrapping.   Make sure the start of the string is secured firmly onto the bottle by pressing it with your fingers until it’s semi-dry and in place.   A binder clip can help, but I find if you just hold onto the string for a few seconds and let go, it’ll do the trick.   Then start wrapping the string around and around the bottle, pushing it up with your fingers so it’s a tight wrap all around.

Halfway there.  Add more glue.   Don’t worry if the glue seeps or gets all over the outside of the string as you’re wrapping.  Not only does it dry clear, but it helps secure the string into place even better.   Yes, the messier the better.

And you’re done.   It’s that simple.   Bottle.  Glue.  String.

To turn this into a diffuser, scroll down this blog to see the previous post.  My fingers are too glue covered to embed the link!


  1. Nice idea and a great way to reuse a bottle.

  2. carole says:

    I’ve been seeing twine wrapped bottles for sale at different stores. They do not come cheap! And considering a ball of twine isn’t expensive, and neither is Aleene’s there’s really no reason for it. I can see all kinds of uses for these.

    We’ve been cutting glass bottles for various uses. It’s trial and error, but when it works it’s fun. :-)

  3. Ruth says:

    Danny, I upcycled some Orange Crush bottles a while back and I wanted them to look really vintage. Those bottle cap threads kept it from looking really old, so I got my hubby’s blowtorch and heated the glass until it began to soften and melt a little. The “threads” where the cap screwed on were gone – all melted flat! It really makes it look like you used an old “found” bottle and looks much more vintage! Of course, use caution, wear safety glasses, etc. etc.!