Randomness Around the House

I’m running around today like a nutty person working on a photo shoot and getting ready for another shoot tomorrow.    I thought December was supposed to slow down?   Ha!

Anyway, I pulled out this recycled necktie wreath and thought it would be appropriate to display on top of one of the built-in storage units in the bedroom.  You might remember this wreath; it was used in a JCPenney lookbook shoot and it somehow ended up living with me at my house.   One perk of being a stylist, I suppose!    Just leaning it somehow makes sense.

Above the four poster bed in the main bedroom, I installed a new light fixture I found at the Pottery Barn outlet in Lancaster, PA.    I’ve been reading  a lot more lately and realized I really needed an overhead light fixture to illuminate the room a bit better.    Yikes.  That’s something an aging person with deteriorating eyesight would say, right?    Anyway, a cinch to install and it’s made a huge difference in the room.

And I finally got around to organizing the linen closet.   It had become a complete mess lately and because the doors could remain closed, I kinda lived in denial about it being a hoarders dream come true.    Some of my favorite things are in this closet:  Pin tucked duvet covers made from organic cotton; capiz shell lanterns; bamboo fiber towels and Quick-dri energy saving towels; John Robshaw bedding; extra blankets; and even a few sleeping bags just in case the five bedrooms  here isn’t enough to accommodate guests.     I think I sat in the hallway and just looked at this when I was done like a crazy person.

Okay, back to the shoot!   Can you believe it’s almost Friday?


  1. Mary says:

    Neat closet, and love the wreath.

  2. LB says:

    I love the wreath!!! I’m going to start collecting green and red ties!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the wreath is accentuating the electric plug on the wall.

  4. Kim says:

    I remember the last time I organized my linen closet. I think every time I walked past it the first month, I would open the door & gaze at it. There is such a feeling of accomplishment. Which makes me think I should add this to my “to do” list for after the holidays.