Inside the new UPCYCLING book

I will never, ever not be like a kid on Christmas Day when one of my new books gets published.   I still love to go into Barnes and Noble (sadly, my local Borders store closed like the others) and see the book on display.    It’s like giving birth to a child (er, minus the pain and miracle of life part, I suppose) where the months of hard work developing projects, shooting and styling them, then writing the manuscript, re-writing it and planning the marketing campaign all come together and voila!  book.

My new book Upcycling: Create Beautiful Things with the Stuff You Already Have is now in stores nationwide (including Michaels craft stores, Lowes Home Improvement and wherever books are sold).      There are more than 100 projects in the book and all are in full color photographs with very simple and easy step by step instructions.

Would you believe this modernist, clear tissue box only takes a few minute to make?  All you need to do is pull out the cassette tape covers you have stashed in the basement (or just visit Goodwill where they will likely GIVE them to you) to make this.    It’s so simple and the results are pretty cool!

Or how about updating an old lampshade in two easy steps?    This real cork lampshade uses cork shelf liner “paper” from the home improvement store and an X-acto knife.  It’s literally peel and stick to make a whole new lampshade.    I just love how the silhouette image shines through when the light is on.

This might look familiar to anyone who has read the September issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray where I did a fun 8-page Upcycling story for them.    This breakfast in bed tray uses hotel key cards as the “tile” on an unfinished wood tray picked up from Michaels.    Un-sanded grout (pre-mixed), some craft paint and a little glue and you’ve got a tray perfect to re-create the swankiest hotel suite right at home.

You know, you can’t recycle glass with the jar lids still on.    But you can use them to line the top of a table to make this pretty fantastic gold covered dining room table.    The concentric circles and different sized jar lids (all glued down to a metal outdoor table) are inspired by a $10,000 version I saw at a very expensive department store a few years ago.   Can you guess which store I saw it?  I did blog about it many years ago….!!

Junk drawer staple:  take out food chopsticks.   Into a trivet.    In a few easy steps.   And one type of glue.   So simple.

All of the projects in Upcycling use easy to find materials, inexpensive craft supplies and take 3 steps or less.  No exceptions.

If you love reading Daily Danny, I hope you’ll pick up this book.   It is my all-time favorite book to date and I know you’ll love it.


  1. Lori H says:

    Congratulations on the book’s release! Very exciting. Can’t wait to browse through the projects…

  2. sophia tangerine says:

    congrats on the book release!! :) i loooooove the chopstick trivet!! :) very appealing and very creative!

  3. Jules says:

    so looking forward to getting this! Thanks Danny and congrats on your “baby”! ;)

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  5. S. says:

    Congratulations! I’m happy for you that you finally have your new book out and can’t wait to get copy! I especially love the title and them. Just my kind of book with easy to put together items that are beautiful. Love it! The cassette thing is pretty cool and so is the trivet. :-)

  6. Goldie says:

    Love the cassette tape idea, so ingenious!

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