Upcycling With Nate!

Had a great time with Nate Berkus last week!

Here are some videos from my appearance on Friday sharing my favorite upcycling ideas from my book of the same name.

All of the emails, tweets and comments I’ve gotten from viewers is much appreciated!   I also love all the photos of things people are wondering how to upcycle—from headboards to old shoes.    So interesting and so glad to feel all the upcycling buzz.


  1. S. says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I love all the ideas you have here. And am obsessed with redecorating or upcycling a number of old things in my place. Just waiting for the right idea to come along. I really LOVE the spray paint over lace. I’m so excited, because I think I know now what I want to do with a desktop I have. It’s perfect!

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