Review: Ryobi Lithium Cordless Electric Blower

Lately, I’ve been trying to be more of a DIY kind of a guy.    Yes, I make tons of crafts.  I can cook up a storm.  And I don’t mind picking up a paint brush and painting a wall or the side of a house.   But when it comes to things like yard work and household repairs, I have been guilty of picking up the phone and hiring someone to come and do the work for me.

My New Year’s resolution (YES, I AM STILL TRYING TO STICK TO IT!) has been to try to fix and maintain things myself.

For example, when the washing machine went all awry on me recently, I took the time to research what the problem could be, what the fix might be and went about and fixed it.   I probably saved $300 and it only took me an hour to do it myself.      So, how hard could some yard work be?

I’ve been obsessed with this product:  The Ryobi Lithium Battery powered cordless Electric Blower.     I’ve seen my gardener use a gas powered leaf blower to clean up around the house and I’ve never liked the noise or smell of the fumes coming from it.    So, this zero emissions leaf blower seemed like the answer.

It comes with this versatile and powerful lithium battery.    Take about 1 hour to charge up and will last a full 30 minutes (when I tested it) of blowing leaves around the yard.   That was more than enough time to tidy things up and put the dead leaves into the compost pile.

The very cool charging station is what I would call a “smart” station.   It tells you if a battery is defective, charging or is fully charged, so there is very little risk in wasting time waiting for a battery to charge up.

And what I love about lithium batteries is that they charge up faster, hold their charge longer and can be recharged more than a 1000 times.  Plus, they are recyclable and can be brought to any Home Depot store for free recycling.

One of my favorite things about this electric blower is how light weight it is.  And foolproof to use:   Click on the attachment, clip in the battery and push a button to activate it.  That’s it.

Yes, I actually think I found an easy and—dare I say—-fun way to keep my yard looking clean.


  1. Anthony Porcarello says:

    This all sounds great and wonderful, but how many kidneys do I have to sell to afford it?
    I know the average DIY yard guy will not be able to afford it,,,

  2. alex leckie says:

    Danny Ahh, here is my comment again. Nothing, has changed in how we humans get the goods and apparently neither has your attitude. Why? the leaf blower idea- its gotta go. Think of all the embodied energy in a leaf blower. The only way you can possibly be green is to use something that will also give your ol’ bod some good old-fashioned exercise. You know- a rake!! Those electric batteries have to be recharged. Most likely the power is going to come from coal, diesel, nuclear or hydro. There is no free lunch here. (Did someone else write this entry? I wouldn’t expect green-washing from you.)

  3. DG says:

    Very interesting, multiple Ryobi reviews recently have followed the same format. Are you in any way compensated for your review?

  4. rambo says:

    Very good review, but when will blower be available to public?