Upcycled T-Shirt Bowls

On last week’s Nate Berkus Show (it was a re-run where I gave a tour of my house), I showed a quick project how you can transform any t-shirt into a fabric bowl in minutes.

Man o man… the emails I got from viewers begging for instructions!    It’s so simple and here’s how you do it:

Start with a metal or stiff plastic bowl.  Cover it with Saran Wrap.

Cut the t-shirt to size (so it wraps around the bowl without touching the countertop.

Cover the whole thing with a thick layer of Mod Podge glue (any finish).    Be sure to also add a layer of glue to the t-shirt side that is on top of the Saran Wrap.       Got it?  Glue on the front and back of the t-shirt; thick layers; drape it over the bowl.

Let it dry overnight and peel it off.   The plastic wrap should also just peel right off the dried t-shirt and voila!  A bowl.


  1. Trisha Lawrence says:

    Hay Danny,
    When you do this are the bowls hard after? Because when I made them at hope, just as you described they were very hard to peal of the plastic wrap and they were not hard at all. They collapsed onto them self???? In the end I just felt that I had wasted a t-shirt and a bunch of mod podge.
    If you have any tips…..

  2. Kieren says:

    Never thought of doing this with fabric. I’ve made many with my students (5th grade and up), with collaged paper. Old wrapping paper, newspapers, esp. in languages other than English, tissue paper, the more layers the better. Makes it sturdy…. referring to the comment above, several layers of paper will be thicker than a t-shirt, modpodge over each layer.

  3. Michelle says:

    I am with the 1st commentor. I did not do both sides and will try that but like Trish my bowl kept collapes. I will try with both sides. Does it matter the size of the bowl used to wrap the tee shirt over?