Still Organized!

Okay, it’s been a year since uber-organized and uber-talented professional life organizer (yes, I am calling him a LIFE organizer) Jeffrey Phillip came to my house from NYC and helped me get my craft storage room from total chaos to totally calm.   As you can see, it is still quite put together!

He was right: The clear storage containers did make it very easy to see what was inside and the labels on the outside made sure if I took something out to use, back it went when I was done.    PS-Do those pillows look familiar?  You  may have seen them in Everyday w/ Rachael Ray!

The purpose of the craft storage room is the simple fact with all of my upcycling books and TV appearances, we needed a place to store finished projects that would be ready when we needed it.  And since many projects took a considerable amount of time and resources to create, it would be silly not to save them.    These upcycled newspaper firestarters for example take about 3-4 days to dry fully, so any last minute TV booking would not give us ample time to re-create these.

Looks like I’ll be using items in this box pretty soon!

Jeffrey even used the ceiling space; not an inch was wasted.

Our chopstick trivet, upcycled robot pinata and “branchlers” also found a home in the back.

And this giant suitcase has been everywhere full of craft projects… making it easy to transport from photo shoots to TV shoots and all the way back home.

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