Upcycling Ideas for Valentine’s Day



Valentine’s Day is around the corner so I thought I’d share some cute ideas from my latest book Upcycling Celebrations with you.

I love this upcycling project because it involves old crayons and a silicone candy mold.    Just melt old crayons to make whatever color you want (of course, I chose brown to mimic chocolate), and pour into a silicone mold from the craft store.  Chill, pop and give in a vintage candy box.



This project actually came to fruition at Starbucks of all places: I ordered one of their protein platters that had some fresh grapes on the vine.  Took the vines home, glittered them and thought they made really pretty coral-like pieces.   Our brilliant stylist added some paper hearts and voila!  Glittery V-Day mini arrangement.



This one involves some plastic bottles from the recycling bin, stick on letters (or tape cut into the shape of letters) and plastic spray paint.

Just stick a letter on the front and back of the bottle (making sure they “mirror” each other), spray with two coats of plastic spray paint, dry, remove stickers.

LOVE bottles!



And my fave: take old styrofoam packaging (from when you buy something like TV) and a heart shaped cookie cutter.  Punch out heart shapes and stick into branches from the yard.   Display.




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