New Finds



While in Chicago, I found these extra large bars of soap at one my favorite shops around the corner from The James Hotel.    I ran into the shop to pick up some extra burlap reusable bags (it’s the only place that sells them and people ask me all the time where I got them) and spied these super large  bars of soap in the shop, too.


Some information on the inspiration for the bars.    One of the funny things about bar soap is that there seems to be an entire younger generation growing up who is not using it, preferring to use body wash stored in plastic bottles.   I’m a huge advocate of NOT using body wash for that one reason (not to mention the chemicals often used in the formulations).  Bar soap doesn’t overstrip the skin, is minimally packaged and often does not contain harsh sulfates you’ll find in body washes.



This also came in the mail from my NYC office today…..



Aww… the designer who uses my line of Danny Seo picture frames sent me a living succulent arrangement as a gift.   That is really truly thoughtful and I know the perfect place this is literally going to live in my house.



And my new favorite healthy place to pick up a quick meal in Chicago… Protein Bar.   Yummy vegan salad and green smoothie…




  1. sophia tangerine says:

    i really like the plants in your picture frame!! thats a cool idea!

  2. Lynn Steeves says:

    Thanks Sophia! You can find them on Etsy in my Verticalflora shop :)