Chalkboard Fridge

In the MAY 2006 issue of COUNTRY HOME magazine, they featured my former home.  I used to live in an old farmhouse on a 500-acre Christmas tree farm (idyllic, right?).   

In the kitchen, an old fridge worked just fine, but it was a bit of an eyesore.   So with a few coats of green chalkboard paint, I not only give it a facelift, but made it functional, too.    You could write, with a piece of chalk, all over the fridge.  Notes, grocery lists, tic-tac-toe…whatever your heart desires.

I just scanned this from the magazine and thought I’d share it.   Sometimes the simplest idea can have the most dramatic effect.   Don’t ya think?  I love chalkboard paint.


  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a F&cking Genius

  2. Bettsi says:

    Oh, now I am becoming a pest! After working with the chalkboard paint, do you think it will work on a “pebbled” fridge? The kind that are intended to not show fingerprints (but don’t work)? I can see that I will have to buy your books now! I’m hooked and hanging on your every word! Thank you!

  3. Danny Seo says:

    YES! Just rub some sand paper all over (just so it’s scratchy) and then put two or three coats of paint on top. Don’t be scared w/ the first coat; it will look HORRIFIC. But the 3rd coat will make it all look amazing.

  4. Meagan says:

    Excellent question Bettsi- that’s exaclty what I wanted to know!

  5. Ryan Sullivan says:

    I wanted to ask Bettsi if magnets will still stick to her fridge after three coats of the chalkboard paint?