Flea Market Finds



A few weekends ago, on what was probably one of the most beautiful Sundays this summer, I ventured over to the Golden Nugget Flea Market in Lambertville, NJ with a few friends to see what kinds of unusual finds could be found.

I found this oversized Pyrex branded glass jug and knew this was the kind of useful and unusual item I needed for my home.     $75 may seem a bit pricey, but where else are you going to find something like this?    So, I gladly departed with my cash for this great big heavy treasure.


I don’t wheel around a cart or bring a bunch of shopping bags.    I find if I have my reusable coffee mug filled with black coffee I am good to go for the hunting spree.    And if I do find something I like, I just walk it back to the car and start over again.



You never know what you find.  And sometimes you don’t even know what it is you found!   What is that pink flamingo type metal thing anyway?


These birds may be something you pass up, but if they were the right price (which is $1, which these were not), you could paint them a uniform color and make it fresh.   Metallic?   White?   Black?



Into the back of my Ford C-Max Energii car the Pyrex container and a bag full of dried gourds ya go…….




  1. Those are some nice big enamelware trays that flamingo is sitting on though. I see them on the wall as a magnet bulletin. Good find on the jug!

  2. Awesome market .. the things in the picture was amazing i know how you feel to visit such a place
    Thanks for sharing a letting me know … :)