It’s a Zoo Here


Remember that woodpecker feeder I installed a few posts back?   Are you surprised that the squirrels have been fascinated by it?  Honestly, I’m not…but I think it’s pretty ballsy for a squirrel to climb the feeder and try to grab peanuts out of it……front..of…me.

That said, I’m really happy to report that despite the attempts of the squirrels to devour the nuts, it has attracted the attention of the woodpeckers:


Hard to see, but there he is.  Staking claim and pecking away at the nuts.   So, score one for the birds!


Speaking of animals, a family of fawns has been coming by regularly now.  I’m not leaving food out for them, so I’m not sure why they come to the same spot, almost everyday. But the large bushes of wild blackberries might have something to do with it.   Aren’t they adorable?


  1. fina says:

    how sweet…all your critters.

  2. Dawn says:

    Sure does make you forget the hustle and bustle of life when you see these critters in your own yard, doesn’t it? :) God Bless Nature! :)

  3. Steph VW says:

    Your photos really make me miss my hometown and the local “colour”. Deer like horses, love just a few oats and apples, if you were to, say, start feeding them.

  4. Megan says:

    It sounds like your yard is alive with animals…how wonderful!
    I hate to be a grouch, but it’s actually not the greatest to feed whitetail deer (even though I know how tempting it is!). Here is some info on it:

  5. Seleta says:

    If the squirrels are bothering the woodpecker feeder [sometimes they can get greedy] there is a great little device you can put on the hanging wire. It’s called a squirrel spinner. When the squirrel gets on the feeder it starts to spin. The squirrel gets aggravated and jumps off. It’s actually pretty comical and does not harm them at all.
    The good news is that it does not spin when birds get on the feeder.
    You can get these at any bird supply store or the Home Depot. Here’s a link.

  6. shelby k says:

    aw how cool!
    we have 2 feeders in my back yard and unfortunately there is also a family of 7 squirrels that find it amusing to climb up and eat the fruit and nut mixture we have out for the birds. we end up banging on the window like crazy people, yelling at the squirrels. just yesterday i had to run out with a squirt bottle filled with water to try and scare the thing! needless to say he screamed at me from a tree branch, haha.
    you should get a hummingbird feeder, it’s so neat to see them! the colors are brilliant.
    and i’m so jealous you have deer.

  7. Lina says:

    Hahahaha, I have a “bird” feeder that I use to feed squirrels as well (on purpose) – the one thing I’ve learned is that squirrels LOVE peanuts and sunflower seeds. So it makes sense that your squirrels are trying to raid your feeder. (:
    There are some seed mixes that are made from seeds that squirrels don’t like – give those a shot if you don’t want the squirrels feasting. (: