Mini Solar House


Two weeks ago at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, I spied this miniature home on display that flipped model homes from traditional to modern cool.     The tiny home is so high-tech and all around awesome that it even has integrated solar panels on the top that actually work and power the sized down abode.


Right here on the roof, these tiny solar panels charge up integrated LED (light emittion diodes) lights inside the home for actual illumination.    I remember as a child my sister had a dollhouse with some lighting fixtures on the inside that lit up with the use of disposable batteries.    Forgotten, the batters leaked and rusted all over the fixtures in our damp basement.    Somehow, I think this use of solar/LED crafstmanship would prevent that today.


A peak inside: acrylic staircase with stairs leading to the second floor.   The whole home comes apart and can be played with from the inside out.


Minimal design.   Although the minimalistic “doll” sitting in the bathtub is a tad, um, creepy to me….the rest of the design is something I can definitely appreciate.


And a modern house needs tiny modern, timeless furniture, doesn’t it?


  1. dang! the mini model is pretty cool!

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  3. Just not only out of world but also helpful in go green initiative. Such an article is helpful in cutting carbon foot print.