My Favorite Holiday Upcycling Ideas

Here are some of my favorite upcycling ideas for the holiday season!    These are from my books Upcycling Celebrations, Upcycling and Simply Green Giving.

First one up: Take an old cardboard box and make it into a faux gingerbread house.    Cut out windows and doors using box cutters and decorate the front with office supply stickers.  You can even shingle the roof with Post it notes!

This bottle menorah is an easy upcycling project:  Gather a collection of glass bottles that can easily and snugly hold standard white taper candles.

Pour leftover house paint inside each bottle, swirl and pour out the excess paint back into the paint can.  It will dry solid inside the bottle.   Insert candles and voila!  Menorah.

More cardboard ideas: Cut out “gingerbread” shapes and “frost” them using white puffy paint from the craft store.   They are perfect and reusable ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Driveway rock salt can be use temporarily during the holiday season to create glowing bowls of rock salt.    Just fill the inside of a bowl with LED string lights and load the rock salt on top to create a glowing centerpiece.

And from Simply Green Giving: Business card gift tags.    Find two identical sized unwanted business cards and glue the printed sides to each other.   Fold in  half and punch two holes on the fold; string and attach to gift with your handwritten note on the upcycled gift tag.

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